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Are you searching on a download manager particularly for Microsoft Windows? Orbit Downloader can be the right option to take into consideration. At first, this software was categorized into a malware of antivirus software. However, initially released in November 2006, Orbit Downloader is now being a download manager which is particularly designed for Microsoft Windows.

Orbit Downloader
Orbit Downloader

Originally based on P2P technology, this software comes with full-features as a download accelerator and manager. Therefore, you can not only accelerate the download process but also manage the items you have just downloaded.

Orbit Downloader Features

Below are the several features you can optimize so that you can run the software well without restrictions.

Microsoft Internet Integration

The first feature you can make use of is Microsoft Internet Integration. This way, Orbit helps you to handle your download files automatically so that you can download the files from any server through HTTP, FTP, RTSP, and MMS. Thus, you will easily download any files you are willing to.

Resume Damaged Downloads

Orbit Downloader is actually able to resume the damaged download. Thus, you don’t have to restart the download after the interruption that may stop and damage your download. Get to resume the unfinished files downloaded by optimizing this feature.

Flash Video Files

The next feature you have to optimize just after installing the software is the flash video files. This way, you can grab and download all of the extended flash videos flash out of the online video platform. Moreover, you can get to function this feature automatically.

Orbit Downloader Peer-to-Peer Network

Orbit Downloader is also featuring peer-to-peer network. This feature consists of orbit users who are using the spare bandwidth to extend the download accelerator for other users. This is very effective to enable the users to build such a partnership when they work with the software for the same importance.

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Grab++ Feature

Did you realize that Orbit Downloader is amazingly featuring Grab­++? This feature allows you to grab the incoming files out of the video or music streaming site and make them available to easily download. Based on the user’s experience, this is the most useful things to get when they want to download videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

There is one thing you must take note when you are using this software. Grab++ works very well on Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, however, it doesn’t work well on Google Chrome. Thus, it is very recommended that you use Firefox of IE when you are optimizing Grab++. Don’t go with Google Chrome if you don’t want significant trouble.

Orbit Downloader Latest Version

Supports All Major Protocols

As one of the most popular download accelerator and manager, Orbits support all of the major protocols such as HTTPS, FTP, and RTM as well as other monitors that all major users use today. Those can include Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opera.


Finally, you may infer in your mind that using Orbit Downloader is good for managing and accelerating your downloads, particularly on your Windows. Optimize all of the features well and you will get more satisfied functions.

Download Orbit Downloader Latest Version