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Polaris Office is a cross-platform office suite made by a Korea-based software company. It allows users to edit most MS Office file formats and supports the viewing of PDF files. When used in collaborative work, saved files will be synced with other devices and updated to the latest version.

Polaris Office

In addition to MS Office compatibility, this application supports cloud-based storage services including DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and more. Despite being launched by a Korean software firm, users can operate this program in different languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and etc.

Polaris Office Highlights

This office suite is well-known as a great alternative to MS Office. It comes packed with a variety of features to bring a high productivity to you. The latest version is added with new features such as mail merge and ZIP compatibility. Take a closer look at highlighted features here!

1. Mail Merge

Work more efficiently with mail merge. This is a great feature that helps cut your time when sending email messages. Rather than copying and pasting hundreds of messages, you can send them to different recipients at the same time.

How does it work? Mail merge lets you utilize a data source containing recipients’ information such as name, address, and phone number to create personalized email messages. Thus you can send those messages at a time with a few clicks.

2. ODF Standard Compatibility

This office program is added with a new feature that makes it support ODT files. Having this new feature in the application, you can easily edit or view documents as the ODT files conform to the ODF standard. This means less worries about file format compatibility.

3. ZIP Archive File

Dealing with ZIP files can be tricky because you have to extract them before viewing what’s inside the archive file. But if you want to cut the time, this application offers a new feature to make your work easier.

Polaris Office allows you to view the list of files without having to extract them. Everything wrapped in the archive file can be easily opened without extraction. If you don’t have much time when working with this file type, it is a great feature that brings convenience.

4. Smart Scroll

Smart scroll support is a new feature added to the latest version. It helps enhance accessibility when using the office suite program. With smart scroll, you can see the page scroll progress both on the right side of the screen and top of the page.

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5. Improved File Browser

Promising better usability, this application features an improved file browser. You can say goodbye to the old Recent Folder or New Folder because they have been enhanced. The goal is to give you easier usability and file management.

6. Insert Videos from YouTube

When you are working with presentation slides, you may have an idea to insert images or videos for a better visual attraction. This program allows you to easily insert online images and videos for excellent visual effect.

You can search images from Pexels or videos from YouTube and insert them to the document. Bring creativity to another level and give a better visualization to your presentation. Making superior content has never been this easy!

7. Compatible with Many File Formats

As an Office alternative, it is packed with Word, Sheet, and Slide programs to handle a range of tasks. Polaris Office also highlights full compatibility with all MS Office formats. You can also open and edit TXT, PDF, and ODT documents formats without installing separate applications.

9. User-Friendly Interface

Polaris Office Interface

Work with any documents conveniently, thanks to user-friendly interface that makes it ideal for beginners and advanced users. This program is designed with a simple and sleek layout so you don’t need to spend much time learning how to deal with it.

Polaris Office Advantages

The light and free office suite has been around for a while. Available in various platforms such as Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS, now it has millions of users worldwide. There are a number of advantages you will get when using this program. Check them out.

1. Complete to Upgrade Workflow

This is a complete program to improve your workflow. Without having to download a separate application, it has everything you need to get tasks done.

2. Convenient

A wide range of features added with a familiar interface brings convenience to your table. Using this program won’t give you a headache, especially if you are familiar with MS Office.

3. Achieve Work Freedom

Work from anywhere and on any device. Your documents will be synchronized once changes are made. No matter what devices you access, documents are always updated to the latest version. Not to mention it supports cloud storage services for easier collaboration.

In a nutshell, there are so many alternatives to MS Office but Polaris Office is a thing. This program has much to offer, allowing you to improve workflow and work conveniently from anywhere.

Download Polaris Office Latest Version