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When you are tired of what you often see on your desktop, you certainly will not have enough enthusiasm to do the work now, making you tired of doing anything. Now, all that will not happen again, when you have installed the best Rainmeter application, which is made specifically for you Windows users.


You Can Choose and Redesign Your Desktop Skin

If you are curious about what this application can provide, so that many people start downloading or using this application, as a solution to eliminating saturation. It’s good if you start download rainmeter at this time too, even though the name says rain does not mean that this application, has to do with the current weather forecast.

For today if you would like to have this application on your PC, you have to meet the requirement to download this PC, regarding the component and also the file size that would need some spaces on your PC. This application is compatible with almost all of the windows version, started from windows Vista, XP, 7,8, to 10. That is why there will be a lot of people who are like to use this application to customize their desktop.

Maybe you have never used a feature that is widely used by some people today, as well as having a to-do-list on your PC, or having sticky notes on your laptop that are very important to use. This application is also compatible on your PC with 32-64 Bit, this is one of the requirement that you must have for having this application on your PC, the size of the file is also quite small around 2,35 MB.

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When you use the rain meter you can certainly find many benefits, which you may never have felt very easily before. Until now you can find many advantages in terms of design, where you can find many skins in this application right after you pair them on your PC, so you can easily see the results.

Applicable for Every Windows Version

If you are still curious about what this application has, maybe by download rainmeter now, you can see first hand what you can later have. Especially if you talk about the choice of skin that you can use, so you can customize this skin option according to your choice, which is currently bored with the appearance that already exists.

Rainmeter Free Latest Version

When you are already interested in using a rainmeter application, of course you do not need to be complicated to prepare some budget that will be used in having this application. Because actually by downloading rainmeter, all the ways that you have to do can be owned for free, this can provide a lot of advantages for those of you who use Windows.

When you already have this application, convenience is in your hands, especially when talking about operating a skin. This is where you can make skin as you like, which currently can provide many benefits for those of you who don’t understand the design. Rainmeter is not designed for designers, but even for ordinary users.

Don’t get me wrong when you do use a rain meter, you will no longer feel bored when you see the display on your desktop screen, so you can be more comfortable using it, especially with customizing the design.

Download Rainmeter Latest Version