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SoftMaker Office 2021  is a cross-platform office suite that is available in Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Initially released in 1994 by SoftMaker Software, this is one of the oldest programs that endure the strict competition office suite markets.

SoftMaker Office 2021

The office application is loaded with a number of programs, including TextMaker, PlanMaker, and Presentations that are compatible with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint consecutively. It also includes other programs like BasicMaker, DataMaker, and FlexiPDF to do more tasks.

SoftMaker Office 2021 Key Features

When it comes to functionality, this program is similar to its office suite counterparts like LibreOffice or WPS Office. However, several key features distinguish SoftMaker’s product from others. Those features include:

1. Compatibility with MS Office without Compromise

It supports full compatibility with Microsoft Office documents, from Word to PowerPoint, to Excel. You can skip the hassle of import and export, thanks to a wide range of file formats supported by this program. You can also experience lossless document exchanges for each application.

Having this feature allows you to enjoy seamless document exchanges. Whenever you need to view or edit SoftMaker documents in MS Office, you can easily open and edit it directly without conversion.

2. Powerful Language Tool

Get rid of language barriers with a professional language tool in TextMaker. It has a powerful built-in spell checker that allows you to find spelling errors in 75 languages. With just a few clicks, it makes your text document free from spelling mistakes.

To ensure professional text documents, this application is integrated with thesaurus that supports 10 different languages. Using this feature lets you find the right words or synonyms for variation.

3. Desktop-Publishing Functions in TextMaker

TextMaker is added with desktop-publishing functions that allow you to easily make creative projects such as invitation cards, flyers, or posters. You can add unique objects or frames to the document in order to create appealing results.

With this feature, SoftMaker Office 2021 is ideal for a wide range of use at home, business or academics. You can also enjoy other functionalities like automatic marks for folding pages, unique document templates, and image captions.

4. Appealing Worksheets in PlanMaker

PlanMaker is a spreadsheet processor that is compatible with Microsoft Excel. Compared to its counterparts packed in LibreOffice or OpenOffice, this program offers a different experience with attractive worksheets that can be designed quickly.

Use conditional-formatting that highlights values in different colors. You can play with colors to create a gradient to indicate each value. This is a great way to present better visualization while presenting data.

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5. Impressive Animations in Presentations

If you are familiar with PowerPoint, you will pick up this program immediately. It allows you to create engaging presentations with impressive animations. There is a large collection of animations and slide transitions with OpenGL graphics acceleration.

With this feature, you can easily turn every single presentation into attention stealer. Not only can you work with text, but also you can use tables, charts, and graphics to present upcoming projects or plans. It also has some features found in PowerPoint like AutoShapes and TextArt.

6. Presenter View in Presentations

Presenter View is a unique feature that allows you to split the screen into two. The first screen is shown to the audience on a monitor while the second screen referred to as the cockpit is used to control the presentation. With it, you can easily navigate between slides and even add annotations.

This is a great way to build engagement with the audience. In addition, it also has portable slide shows that can be easily played back on Windows computer even if it has no presentation software installed.

7. Create e-Book

TextMaker allows you to create e-books in EPUB format. However, this feature is only available in Professional and NX Universal versions. If you use the Standard version, you can create PDFs documents in PDF/A format that supports long-term preservations.

SoftMaker Office 2021 User Interface

SoftMaker Office 2021 Interface

Clean and sleek interface is a thing you will find in SoftMaker Office 2021. It has an optional sidebar that lets you manage formatting features. Users can choose between Microsoft-style ribbon and classic toolbar interface. If you are working with Microsoft, the first option can be easy to handle.

If you wish to try something new, the classic interface has got you covered. It may be a bit frustrating at first but once you figure it out, classic toolbar can be fun. You can also customize the ribbon interface between SoftMaker’s native ribbon or traditional.

When you opt to use the traditional toolbar interface, it will remind you of old versions of Microsoft Office suite. Despite the traditional style, it looks clean and sleek. This is an intuitive way to finish a wide range of tasks.

To sum up, SoftMaker Office offers professional experience to create, edit, and save documents in all formats. It is fully compatible with Microsoft Office, allowing you to enjoy seamless document exchange without conversion. It is also packed with powerful features to improve your productivity.

Download SoftMaker Office 2021