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Do you know? This app is designed as a compact program about copying and moving files at the high speed. Since most people are looking for the fast way of doing anything with the computer, this app comes as a solution for you who want to copy and paste or move the files very quickly which is one of the features offered to you.

Transferring files from one folder to another folder sometimes takes much time, however, along with TeraCopy, you won’t experience the time-consuming click. That’s why we are going to share you this article which presents the features of TeraCopy you can use to maximize your working with the computer.

TeraCopy Logo
TeraCopy Logo

TeraCopy Main Features

Here we have selected 5 best features of the app. Check them out as follows:

Copying Fast

As a file sharing app, TeraCopy is considered to have a good performance in assisting you to copy the files very fast. The seek time can actually be reduced by adjusting the buffers of the app. Therefore, the copy speed reaches high to transfer the files. It will help you a lot when copying or moving big files from your thumb drive or other devices like videos or photos from your camera. This feature is the plus-point feature of the app.

Pausing and Resuming the Files Transfer

The second feature included in this app is the ability to pause and resume the file transfers. In this case, you just need one click to pause the copying progress and continue your action. This is very helpful when you create a wrong transfer. You just need to pause and resume so you will be directed back to your original files and continue what you are going to do.

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Recovering Error

When you or other users make such of copy error, it will try to help you to skip the files instead of terminating the whole file transfer. Thus, you don’t have to worry if the error is sometimes happening. This app has recovering error feature that would be very helpful.

List of Interactive Files

The next feature of TeraCopy you must check out is the list of interactive files. Along with this feature, you will be able to see the failed file transfer and fix the problem as soon as possible. You can also be able to recover the problem on the files by recopying them.

TeraCopy Latest Version
TeraCopy Latest Version

Shell Integration

Another feature you can have a look by installing TeraCopy is the shell integration. This app can definitely replace the Explorer copy and move functions so that you can be able to work with the files like you usually do.


Generally, TeraCopy is completely free to download only for non-commercial usage. Don’t forget to provide the space of 4.4 MB.

If you want this app for commercial use, you must pay for the license. The paid version of this app will include almost similar features.

All in all, no matter it’s free or paid, it presents a high speed of copying and moving files as everyone expected. What about you now?