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Have you ever heard vMix software? Have you ever used the software already? If not, now you have just made the right decision by visiting this page. vMix is a software vision mixer designed to allow you to control the mixing, switching and recording as well as live streaming of video files, audio, cameras and many more.


This software is developed by StudioCoast PTY LTD and available for Windows and Mac operating system. If you want a simple description, this software comes to provide you with the ability to manage the mixing and other activities dealing with audio and video making which is involving the use of cameras, too.

vMix Features

This software has more to offer including the features and specifications so that the software will be fully functioned as it is supposed to. Now you may refer to the following review.

Multiple Editions Availability

The first feature dealing with software capability is the multiple editions availability. The current editions include Basic, Basic HD, SD, 4K and Pro. In this case, you are able to upgrade the one edition to another edition. However, you can’t get each of the edition for free which means you have to purchase it.

If you are smart enough to look for the free edition, you can actually find it for one first year. This means that if you want to re-subscribe the software, you have to purchase it.

vMix Call Capability

The second feature you can optimize is the software capability of vMix call. This is the first time for the software to release the edition completed with the built-in video conferencing. Thus, this video conferencing means you can able to make a vMix call easily.

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Support Any Format

It is also best described that this software provides enough support for any audio and video formats. Image formats files are also available in this software. Thus, you can create independent formats.


Multi-Corder is another feature you have to optimize. Dealing with the optimum usage of vMix, multi-Corder tool enables you to record using the multiple camera inputs to a connected drive. This tool is also great to record for a raw camera apart from the final mix resulted from the software.

GT Title Designer

Featuring GT Title designer, vMix provides an advanced title editor involving the version 21 starting up. This way, this feature enables the software to add animations and more complex functions than the classic application of Title Designer. This means you are enabled to produce a more interesting video by adding the animations and more other functions which you may not find from the other software.

vMix Latest Version

Multiple Formats

The last but not least feature of vMix dealing with the software capability is the multiple formats. The multiple formats supported by this software include h.264 MP4 and vMix Video Codec. The increased speed of the format is good to enable the efficiency of the software.


Overall, controlling the mixing, switching, recording and live streaming definitely need software like vMix. If you want to manage them all, then you must consider installing the software.