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If you are looking for a disassembler application, W32DASM can be the right option to consider. W32DASM is a kind of tool which was created to translate the machine language back into the assembly language. This tool is designed suiting those who like to reverse engineering and take the code apart.

Dealing with the programming language, this tool requires the language to translate the codes out of the program to the binaries which can be understood by the computing machine. To demonstrate the procedures used in the machine code instruction, you need to use the languages involved in the machine.


W32DASM Features

Let’s check out some features of this tool in order to get a better understanding about this software. Thus, we will be able to know how useful it will be if we pick up the tool to install.

Ability to Open Executable Files

The first feature you can derive from W32DASM is the ability to open executable files. This tool or application is actually able to open many different files of executable files including as.EXE, .386, .FON, .MPD, .DRV, .OCX, ,COM, .VBX and .vxd files to study the codes of their files.

This ability allows you to open the files easily so that you can do a lot with the files you save on the computer.

Ability to Enhance The User’s Experience

The second feature you can definitely see on W32DASM is the ability to enhance the user’s experience which includes the text search functions you can optimize. The users can also set the disassembly listing at the instruction pointer which is currently carried out.

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Another enhancement that the users can optimize is the ability to break on load and unload the DLL, thread and exit creation. This enhancement for the user’s experience is very good to increase their ability in using the tool they need.

License and Operating System

Updated lastly on July 9, 2018, W32DASM is licensed as a freeware which is designed for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating system. In this case, you will receive no restriction. This tool or application is available for all the users’ software and can be downloaded at free. Thus, this is good news for you, isn’t it?

You must note that W32DASM is running on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. If you have already one of these Windows, you don’t have to feel worried if you want to install this app for your PC.

W32DASM Latest Version
W32DASM Latest Version

Font Setting Configuration and Keyboard Shortcut

The next thing to understand about this app is that it is able to configure the font setting and keyboard shortcut to support the main commands. However, you have to know that after the configuration you can’t change the font setting and keyboard shortcut into anything else you want.


As the final words, let ‘s say that W32DASM is one of the tools or applications you need to install on your computer dealing with the programming language.