Download Baidu Browser Latest Version for Windows

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Download Baidu Browser Latest Version for Windows – Do you want an easier browser installed on your computer? Baidu Browser (formerly Baidu Spark Browser) can be the right option to choose. It is one of the newcomers in the industry of computer browser with localized users which are mostly based on China.

Designed attractively, this software comes as a web browser which is based on Chromium, the same engine that runs the Google Chrome. It has also a changeable skin and Facebook integration especially for downloading videos. Ones of the reasons why most people tend to use this browser are the gestures available as well as the screenshots capture functions.

Baidu Browser
Baidu Browser

Baidu Browser Features

This time, we would like to share the features of Baidu Browser which is very good to look at. Some features make this browser worth trying.

Nice Design

Baidu Browser is considered possessing a nice design which almost the same with Google Chrome. The design tends to look more youthful so that it attracts most of the younger people to use this software. It has an electric blue color for the default setting as well as other skins that you can actually find through the button beside the tab bar.


The second feature you must find out is the sidebar. It definitely enables you to access the bookmarks and download easily and quickly. The zoom function on the sidebar helps you to enlarge the pages and the Facebook widget so that you can have a real-time look.


Baidu Browser is also featuring Gestures in which you can work with the mouse to run on specific actions like opening and closing a new tab, changing, or getting forward and backward movement. Since there are a lot of gestures have been provided in this software, you can’t have a customizable gesture of your own.

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Media Button

Media button is also an important feature which is a must-see. The media button is very helpful to assist you to download the videos from any page you are watching. This is very easy to manage or use the media button so that you can also download the videos you are fond of very easily.

Baidu Browser Latest Version
Baidu Browser Latest Version

Mute The Volume in All Tabs

Can you mute the volume in all tabs with Baidu Browser? The answer is definitely yes. This function is very much useful when you open more than one tab and want to mute them all. Perhaps the sounds of some ads are really annoying so that you want to mute them. You can do it with this software without any significant problem.

Capture Screenshot

The next feature to check out is the ability of capture screenshot. In this case, you can crop a certain part of the page you are viewing. You can also retouch the image, text, and others with integrated basic tools. This is one of the features that makes Baidu Browser widely used.


In Conclusion, Baidu Browser is one of the successful browsers to be widely used based on its features. Don’t hesitate to install this software for your computer to help you browse easily and quickly.