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Download Ammyy Admin Latest Version for Windows – If you want a free software that you can use to do remote desktop, it is called Ammyy Admin. By using this software, you can access the computer remotely. Remote access to the computer is usually done by IT that serves many clients. With an IT desktop remote, they do not need to go back to the client computer location. And the process can be done anywhere and anytime. Simply run the remote desktop app from the office or home, then access the client computer and work on the project. The same process can be done by fellow teachers for some needs such as printer sharing, online classes, shared data access, and so forth.

Ammyy Admin
Ammyy Admin

Overview of Ammyy Admin

This software is a remote desktop which is a protocol used in remote computer applications. The remote desktop software is a useful software for accessing other computers. It can also servers other remote computers via a local network or via an internet network. This remote desktop features include remote convergence, working projects together from different places, team viewer, remote Desktop Connection built-in Windows, VNC, monitor the performance of client computers, Radmin, Remmina (for Linux), terminal service, LogMeIn, GoTo MyPC, Anyplace Control, as well as access servers together, such as company servers where inventory data and other data centers are stored.

How to Install Ammyy Admin

First, you need to download or buy this remote desktop software. After that, you have to install the software on server and client computers. Don’t forget to enable app on server computer and client. To use the software, there must be an internet or LAN connection. Then, input the ID or IP address of the remote computer (each application has its own way of use).

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Ammyy Admin Latest Version
Ammyy Admin Latest Version

Remote Desktop Feature in Ammyy Admin

This software is a free remote desktop utility that allows you to access computers remotely. The good thing about this software is that you do not need to do the installation, because this application is portable, so it can be run immediately after downloading it. The advantages of this software are its ability to optimize itself in accordance with the internet connection available. There are some features in this software such as desktop share that is used to share computer screen (desktop), voice chat that is used to chat between computers, file manager only that is used for file transfer between two computers, and Microsoft RDP that is used to connect computers using Microsoft RDP.

You can use this software for school needs. This remote desktop software can be an alternative for printer sharing needs at school. By using this software, you do not need to bother yourself unplugging the printer cable just to print documents from each laptop. Simply provide one unit of the computer as a server that has this software, then you can print documents online, similar to school data center access. For example, data such as syllabus, question bank, student data or teacher can be placed in one computer that we make the server. With this Ammyy Admin software, you can equally access the data easily from your computer with others.