Download Apache OpenOffice for Windows, Mac & Linux

Developer Apache
License Freeware
Size 134 MB
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Download Apache OpenOffice for Windows, Mac & Linux – Actually, Apache OpenOffice is not only a document editor, but also a database, spreadsheet, presentation, and graphics. So, it is a full suite of applications for office. Each of these applications has a useful function just far beyond the basics.

Apache OpenOffice is one of the free open-source product of the Apache Software Foundation along with the maintenance, bug fixes as well as regular updates. It serves you the beneficial features to enhance your document producing.

Apache OpenOffice
Apache OpenOffice

The word processing presented by Apache OpenOffice is very unquestionable. Why is it so? Check out the following:

Strong Individual Application

Apache OpenOffice is considered fine as well as strong although you need only a single component. There will be no distractions on its function. Just try this then you will actually say it’s great.

Good Integration

Apache OpenOffice has an individual application which has a good level of integration. There is a relevant point between the menu and the toolbar for each window to the recent document. You just need to simply go to the “File” menu and create another type of new document which opens in its window. Another application like database rows in a Writer document is included as information. You will not get any difficult by this integration.

Long List of Functions

Along with the Writer document, Apache OpenOffice provides document templates, frames, mail merge, section-based headers and footers, a style manager, and so on. The presence of the sidebar docking feature is very beneficial if you have a large monitor because you will be able to place more panels. Thus, all of the controls will be visible and accessible.

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Apache OpenOffice
Apache OpenOffice

Flexible Design

The flexible design and layout of Apache OpenOffice is also another reason why it is best recommended. It is because Apache OpenOffice offers a functional set of database design and formatting tools. You can select the design and the layout based on the database design and formatting tools.

The appearance and the users’ experience of Apache OpenOffice will remind you to Windows XP than to Vista or 7. There aren’t any redraw problems, artifacts, and other oddities.

Responsive Interface

As an open source software, Apache OpenOffice has a good interface responsiveness although there is a significant slight lagginess. This is very good for your better result for producing word documents.

Users’ Testimony

Most of the users of Apache OpenOffice said that they like this suite very much for its feature set. It is very effortful for the developers to switch among the applications. It fills the expectations of most users about an office suite.


Out of the amazing features of Apache OpenOffice, I am sure you are highlighted much to use this office suite to support your working. Finally, it is recommended that you pick up this software in order to have a good word processor ever. Knowing this fact, it’s hard to argue against at least you try it out.