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Developer Atlantis Word Processor Team
License Trial
Size 3 MB
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Download Atlantis Word Processor for Windows – Have you ever heard about Atlantis Word Processor? Or you might have used this software before? Well, it is one of the word processors you can find among the numerous word processors available nowadays. It deals with word processing which enables you to run on the document tasking effortlessly.

This software may look outdated due to the more word processors coming with their modern look and features. However, it has a useful and handful options which you can’t find in Microsoft Word you are using now.

Atlantis Word Processor
Atlantis Word Processor

Atlantis Word Processor General Information

Published by The Atlantis Word Processor Team, this type of software was released on September 26, 2018. Well, it is considered a newcomer software, right? It is categorized as Business Software and subcategorized as word processing software. It is now running on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10. There are no additional requirements included.

The file size of Atlantis Word Processor is up to 2.77MB. This will not bother you in spending the memory of your PC. The free trial is available but it has a limitation which is a 30-day trial in which you can try all of the features and functions.

Pros of Atlantis Word Processor

These following features generally make people like and like this software. Check them out below:

  • Power Type

When you type the first few letters of a word available, there will be a drop-down list of suggestions which are coming up and you can navigate with the keyboard. This is because the Atlantis Word Processor provides a word completion feature. The database of the word is customizable in the application’s settings.

  • Tabbed Documents
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When you want to type in more documents in the same window, you can do it since there are multiple text documents available in this software. There is also an option to choose where to place the tab bar, whether you are going to place it on the top, bottom, left or right, it depends on your preference.

  • Writer’s Tools

The proofing tools can be activated manually due to the fact that Atlantis Word Processor has a suite for that. It is aimed particularly at writers such as checkers for overused words, homophones, and long sentences. You can also export the text documents as an EPUB e-book.

Atlantis Word Processor Latest Version
Atlantis Word Processor Latest Version

Cons of Atlantis Word Processor

Apart from the reasons why people like this software, there are also some other people show their different opinions in term of Cons.

  • Outdated Design

Atlantis Word Processors is considered reminiscent of Microsoft Word 2003. You can see it on the cluttered toolbar and pixelated icons.

  • Annoying Sound Effects

There are some apps which tend to produce clicking sounds every time we start typing on the keyboard. It can be an annoying distraction. However, the sounds effect can be disabled if you go to the software’s setting.


Out of the pros and cons of it, we can conclude that it may bring a few features only but it carries very useful options that are not available in other word processors. If you are looking for auto-completion system like the one you can find on mobile devices, this software can the right choice.