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Developer Giorgio Tani
License Free
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looking the files in laptop messy is uncomfortable. Especially, if the folder is consisting of huge files. On the other side, all of you may ever download a file in an archive. Then, have you ever heard about a software namely PeaZip? It is one of the great file manager and file archiver that you can download freely. This compression tool is made by Giorgio Tani and support for Windows, Linux, BSD, and also you can run PeaZip on MacOS using WINE or Wineskin Winery. Accordingly, if you need to compress a file or open a compressed file archive, PeaZip stands there to help you. It will be the best choice since it has many excellent features that will make you feel astonished. Next, what are the features?


PeaZip Features

Here, the following will explicate everything about PeaZip:

  • Easy to be Used

As this software is a kind of compression tool, the feature is reading, creating, and editing encrypted files. The way to deal with it just simply clicks twice the left mouse to make the windows integrated and there are options either you want to extract or compress your files. However, what makes it is a difference from other compression tools, PeaZip works with fast and high compression ratio. Yet, it also contributes as a file manager. Therefore, by using PeaZip you can view, browse, and search archive files easily. So, are you attracted to install this free software?

  • Make Your Archive Files Safe

The next important feature of PeaZip is it will make your archive files safe. It focuses on the security of your files. Its exclusive PEA format is adapted to the safety in your mind by encryption and optionally identify the check. Hence, you do not need to be afraid about your files anymore because the sophisticated system of PeaZip will guard them. You can also set the password when you are compressed and archived a file so no one can crack your files without your permission even they use brute force or dictionary-based attacks. Yet, its built-in password manager can permanently delete any data you don’t require anymore.

  • Provide Multi-Format

Another feature of PeaZip is it allows you to archive and extract files in multi-format effectively. You can create an archive file in format Z, ARC, BZ2, GZ, PEA, TAR, WIM, and ZIP file archives. In addition, it can work as an extractor to open 180+ archive types including ACE, ISO, RAR, ZIPX formats. What amazing! This free software definitely does a great job.

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PeaZip Latest Version
PeaZip Latest Version
  • Have Multi-Function

These are the prominent features of this software, it allows you to join and split files, protect deleted files, compare files byte to byte, checksum or hash files, system benchmarking, batch renaming, and detect duplicate files as well. Moreover, this software also permits you to view image thumbnails and customize the program’s user interface. Believe us that it is going to amaze you.

By all means, PeaZip is a high compression tool you can choose. If you would like to have it, you can visit, Sourceforge, and GitHub as the repositories of PeaZip’s legacy. Don’t forget to donate some value if you are willing to contribute to the software development.

Download PeaZip Latest Version