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Black Bird Image Optimizer is an application made by Jorgen Radkevych. The latest version is which is rated 4 from 5 stars by the majority of users. As a commercial tool, Black Bird is designed to optimize the size of photos with PNG or JPG format. The app possesses advanced tool used for color quantization. Specifically, the tool is used to harness compression; it reduces colors in an image. Even though the colors are reduced, the result looks similar and shows no damage in its visual construction. That is, of course, only a few of Black Bird’s greatness in enhancing photos.

Black Bird Image Optimizer
Black Bird Image Optimizer

Black Bird Image Optimizer Key Features

Black Bird Image Optimizer is easy to use. It has a user-friendly interface, for instance, when you need to optimize a photo, you only need to start the app and click ‘upload file’. After that, you will be directed to select a file. The file you open will be displayed in the window which is labeled ‘Before’. Then, after the image is reduced, it will appear in the ‘Optimized’ window. This process is a sign of easy navigation. That is only one of many features that the app has in store for us. Here are more of them!

  • Color quantization: sometimes, an image has too many colors which ruin the overall visual construction. This problem can be solved using Black Bird Image Optimizer’s color quantization tool to reduce some of the colors. By doing this, the size can be reduced too
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Black Bird Image Optimizer Latest Version
Black Bird Image Optimizer Latest Version
  • Automatic color finder: color type does influence the aesthetic and the size of the image; therefore, the app has a tool which is named automatic color finder to immediately find the best color type for a PNG file. The tool will automatically find the RGB area which let it choose the appropriate color
  • Apply effects: editing photos and images using a lot of tools can be daunting and challenging too. If you are planning on saving some time, apply effects may work great in your favor. The image will be enhanced in term of blurry effect, brightness or contrast.

Those are some of the key features that you will find and use in Black Bird Image Optimizer. If you are still doubtful about the app’s potential, then there is a free trial to let you decide if the app is worthy or not. Overall, Black Bird is an acknowledge photo optimizer which has been used by a lot of satisfied users.