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In the past, animations and 3D artworks are only possible by using the expensive and complicated software. But, it is different now. If you want to save thousand dollars yet still able to experience high-end 3D art modeling, Blender comes to save you. It is completely free 3D modeling and animation software that friendly for beginners and advanced animators, movie makers, illustrators, CGI experts, or anyone.

Blender Logo
Blender Logo

Key Features of Blender

Blender is an open source 3D graphics application that enables the creation of 2D and 3D contents become much easier and cheaper. Its interface is not really as simple as you might think, but it well re-distributes the UI components in the layout in a way that help to fit your beginning workflow. The 3D architecture has a high-quality level that supports fast and efficient work-flow even for professional creators.

Moreover, users can find a broad spectrum features in Blender. There is a broad range of essential tools to do modeling, UV-mapping, lighting, skinning, texturing, rendering, animation, video, game-creation, and other functionality in one package. It offers film animation creator feature to create short and feature-length films. Users can try using automatic skinning and bone layers to create characters. When creating 3D games development, it has an ability to code game logic and port models to create interactive visualization and prototypes to the games.

Blender Latest Version
Blender Latest Version

Another interesting feature of it is Cycle. It is a path-tracer render engine that allows users to add more realistic lighting to the scenes. Users only need to trace the light path as pixels in an image then simulate the interaction effects with objects.

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Amateur users can start by using a preset basic object such as a cube, cone, cylinder, sphere, etc. You can easily extrude and reshape the object at the start. You can also learn some tricks to add textures and patterns or change the colors.

Blender is mostly incorporating the functions with useful keyboard shortcuts. This is really favoring those programmers or gamers who feel more comfortable using keyboard buttons. For example, users can simply press “S” button on the keyboard to scale the selected item with more precision rather than click the “Scale” button by using the mouse.

Blender is interoperability that available in cross platforms including all versions of Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and other operating systems. You can save the files into various formats, so you can work on your major 3D packages in cross-platforms.

Well, some of the amateur users may start by scratching their head due to confusion figuring out the interface, plugins, and other functions of it. They may need to repeatedly read the manual, follow the online tutorials, and try each function before accustomed to the software. Don’t worry if you feel stuck in the middle learning Blender. There is user community support with an active community where you can ask for solutions for your problems or find tutorials on the daily basis.

Since Blender is entirely free, it is still a worthy software for those who are serious about learning 3D art and animation, isn’t it?