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Bomgar is a remote access app which has the ability to connect to resources on a centralized network. This means using a PC and internet connection in one place, via phone cord, connected to a PC or server on the main network of a company. The term remote access is defined as a system that can be in the context of network management, where administrators can easily control and develop client computers, interact with users, backup data, or other activities. Remote Access can also be said as the ability to connect with resources from the central network of a location. This means using a PC and internet connection in one place, via telephone cord, connected to a PC or server on a corporate network. The general access to remote applications has several functions in network management. There are several features in this remote access or remote desktop utilities app.

Bomgar Logo
Bomgar Logo

Bomgar Main Features

There are some great features that you can get if you use this app at work.

  1. Keep an eye on the use of the computer remotely.
  2. Restart the computer or restart remotely.
  3. Shutting the computer remotely.
  4. Keep an eye on the use of running programs or internet remotely.
  5. Share resources remotely.
  6. Maintenance (maintenance) computer from a distance.
  7. Help others solve problems on their PC remotely.
  8. Modify the registry settings of the computer remotely

Bomgar as the remote administration is a method of controlling a computer system remotely or in other words from a great distance. This app has this feature which is Remote Administrator. The feature is a remote control and remote access application that allows you to remotely recover computer in real time like using a computer keyboard and mouse computer. Moreover, you can access it from many places. The app incorporates many support from Windows Vista (32bit), file transfer, multi-user text and voice chats, Windows security, Kerberos authentication, 256-bit AES encryption for all data streams, telnet access, multiple monitor support and technology support Direct Screen Transfer.

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Bomgar Latest Version
Bomgar Latest Version

Remote Administrator in Bomgar is a feature used in the network to monitor, control, and control all activities within the network. In fact, this feature is not a tool for hacking but can also be used in hacking activities. However, it is not wise to use this feature to hack someone’s computer. Because this app function can monitor, control and control the activities in the network, of course, this can facilitate as an administrator in managing all computers and networks that exist in the workplace.

Not only as an Administrator, but even a Leader of a company or office can also supervise all of their employees’ activities with this feature from this software. If there are employees or staff who are playing games or playing Facebook during working hours, then the Leader can easily to shut down the computer or close the tab. Or they even can use this software to master opponent computer. Again, we don’t recommend you to use Bomgar for this activity. For your information, you can download this great software for free!