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Download Caesium Image Compressor Latest Version – You can’t send HD images via email because the size is too big? You want to upload your photo but the size is too big that it takes longer to load? Well, one of the solutions is compressing the images to reduce the size. But, this often makes the image resolution loss. Well, you should try using it.

Caesium Image Compressor
Caesium Image Compressor

Caesium Image Compressor is an open source image compressor from Saerasoft. Although Caesium is an application to reduce file size by compressing, it is not an image resizing tool. The application is very useful to reduce the size of images up to 90% without resulting in a visual quality loss. It still maintains the original dimensions.

Key Features in Caesium Image Compressor

Without any additional software, you can use this software to open compressed image files. There are different levels of compression for each image that you can choose easily to fit your needs. The whole process of the image files is in batch mode.

Caesium Image Compressor provides a simple and clear interface. It is a user-friendly application that very easy to use with multiple language support for any users. You won’t find any complicated tutorial because each step is easy to follow. First, after opening the application, you can choose to import only one image or more targeted images from an entire folder. You can easily drag and drop the files to bring them into the application.

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Caesium Image Compressor Latest Version
Caesium Image Compressor Latest Version

Choose the quality from the compression options that you want to set for the images. You can check in a preview mode to compare the original image with the compressed image. There is also a zooming function to help you check whether the resolution is broken or not. So, if you don’t like it, you can change them in advance. The application even allows you to resize the images according to your specific rules.

After finish editing, you can set an Output folder. The custom suffix support allows you to rename all the edited images. End with simply press “compress” button to get the result out. Caesium will automatically compress the targeted images and give you a notification when the saving process is done.

Caesium Image Compressor is a great option to save a lot of space on your device. So, you can easily attach the images to email or upload them to social media without worry about getting blur.

System requirement: Windows (all versions)