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Have you ever lost data on an internal hard drive, flash disk or camera memory? If all of that still settles on the Trash, the possibility of taking it is quite easy. But it will be a big problem if the data is gone from the trash or the storage media is formatted. If that’s what you often experience, try using a Disk Drill from the developer Clever Files to save lost data.

Disk Drill
Disk Drill

What percentage is the probability of a data being returned? The answer depends on the behavior that you have given to the storage media, especially after the data is lost. We recommend avoiding adding or deleting data from the media. Because of the more often the data changes, the possibility of data being returned is also decreasing. Even after the data has been returned successfully, the results may not be perfect (for example, documents with a large number of pages, some unreadable pages).

How Disk Drill Works

  1. Connect storage media (if external) to a Mac computer, then open this app and do the scanning mode. As an experiment, we will format an 8GB flash disk with a variety of data such as documents, videos, images measuring a total of 5 GB.
  2. After completing the scanning mode, you can see the data using the default OS X Quick Look feature. The developer presents this feature because usually the original file name has been lost, replaced with a sequential number that makes it a bit difficult if there is a lot of data. Don’t forget to give a check-list to the left of the document list to add it to the list of data to be returned.
  3. Before pressing the Recover button on the top right, make sure the data storage position at the top you have set. Our advice is to temporarily save data on other storage media, not in the media that you just scanned.
  4. Now it’s time you see the results. You can have your data back with this app
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Additional Settings on Disk Drill

This application also supports additional settings related to access rights to it. Yes, you can set a password so that your friends or family cannot use this app without the password that has been given. It’s easy, on the menu bar, click this app and choose “Preferences” then click“Security”. Enter the Master Password and make a backup on your email account. Other settings available in this section are tabs for setting up S.M.A.R.T monitoring, file types, Disk List and checking for updates.

Disk Drill Latest Version
Disk Drill Latest Version

Disk Drill Final Review and Results

If you check one by one for the file that was recovered by this app, you will see that all of them are successfully returned by using this app. Multimedia files such as images and videos return to perfection, but documents like the safari page cannot be used because they are split into many other documents. For those of you who are experiencing data loss problems, Disk Drill is worth trying. The developer presents this app in the free version and several Pro versions.