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Don’t be frustrated if your important files on your PC are lost, erased, or even accidentally formatted. If the file has just disappeared, it is very likely that you can restore it again by using file recovery software. One file recovery software that you can use to restore deleted files is the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. This software from EaseUS has a very powerful free version, as well as the Pro version if you feel less satisfied with the free version.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Get to Know EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

For information, the difference between the free and paid versions is only in the amount of data that you can save. EaseUS Free Data Recovery Wizard provides a limit of 2GB, while the Pro version that is priced at $69.95 can restore as much data as you want. We are very satisfied using the free version because the important data that we usually want to recover is only in the form of documents, photos, and other small files. For this reason, this time this data recovery software and we want to help you to recover data loss.

How to Restore Missing or Deleted Files

If you notice that a file is missing or deleted either because of virus attack, accidentally deleted, hard drive problem, system crash, partition corrupt, formatted, or other reasons. Then you can download and install the Data Recovery Wizard. To avoid loss of data, make sure not to install on a drive other than the one to be recovered. After that, you just run it. Select the drive where the missing file is stored, then press Scan. In this example, I want to restore the file on a flash that I neglected to format even though there are still important files that I have not backed up.

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Latest Version
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Latest Version

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will display two recovery panels, namely Quick Scan Result and Deep Scan Result. If the file you want to restore is in the Quick Scan Result, then you can immediately check and press “Recover” to restore it. Usually, files that have just been deleted OR lost will be immediately detected here. But if it’s not there, just check it in Deep Scan Result. Make sure you wait for the deep scanning process to complete before recovery. This deep scan process is longer than the quick scan but can detect files that have been deleted long enough.

Make sure you save the result file recover on the other drive to avoid corrupt files when recovered. Let’s say you restore the file on the flash disk, then save the recovery results on the C or D drive other than the flash disk. If you are lucky, your lost file can be returned without problems. However, there are times when your lost file cannot be found, or found but cannot be returned (corrupt, cannot be opened, or others). For that, make sure you do recovery immediately after you realize the loss of the file. By using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard you can recover any data from any media and any type of files.