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Developer David Thoiron
License Free
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When you look at impressionists’ paintings, do you ever think you will able to create one like that? Well, that’s not completely impossible. The digital technology allows you to be instant impressionist by using FotoSketcher, a simple photo editing software developed by France developer, David Thoiron.


FotoSketcher brings an ease to turn digital photos into works of art to your desktop. It allows you to easily perform art projects in a simple and completely free way. Without artistic skill needed, you can do all the complicated process of digital arts within a simple application called FotoSketcher.

Main Features of FotoSketcher

There two main features in FotoSketcher. First, you can choose various types of filters. There are more than 25 effects available to choose, so you can create different types of arts from a single digital photo. You can choose the pencil sketch, pen & ink sketch, painting, vintage, or other types of effects in a single click. The screen split into two layouts, so you can compare the original photo at the left side to the art version at the right preview.

Second, it also allows you to do some basic photo editing tasks. You can simply change several aspects of your digital aspects such as increasing the color saturation, sharpen the looks or increase the luminosity. These tools are very useful to improve your digital photos’ quality so they will look more beautiful to post on your social media.

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FotoSketcher Latest Version
FotoSketcher Latest Version

There are also various additional effects to customize your digital photo. You can increase or decrease the intensity of the color by simply moving the slider on the toolbar to left or right. There are also more options to add texture, soften edges, add text, add frame, and more others. Definitely, it is basic software yet comes with the full package of essential tools to get digital photo art into your preferences.

The drawback about FotoSketcher is its fairly limited number of saving image formats. You can save the edited images into JPEG, PNG, and BMP only.

Still, if you think Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator is too complicated, it is definitely a friendly application for users with limited editing skills. The interface is simple so users can navigate the familiar controls easily and do complete photo transformation for instance. It is designed with batch mode so you can do multiple image transformations at once. Moreover, it is also available in 23 different language supports.

System requirement: all versions of Windows OS and Mac OS