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Virtual network computing (VNC) is a remote control software that allows controlling other computers through a network connection. Keyboard and mouse click printing is sent from one computer to another so that one can manage a desktop, server and network-connected devices without having to be in the same location. VNC works on client OR server models. A VNC Viewer (or client) is installed on a local computer and connected to a server that must be installed on a remote computer. The server sends duplicates from the remote computer display to the viewer (client). The server also translates commands from the viewer and applies them to remote computers.

VNC Viewer Logo
VNC Viewer Logo

VNC is platform independent and compatible with any operating system. The computer must be on a TCP or IP network and have an open port for traffic from the IP address of a device that will control. VNC was developed at AT& T Laboratories. The original VNC source code is open source under the GNU General Public License and the other types also exist commercially. Real VNC is software that is used to remote desktop your computer using a LAN or Internet network connection, where real VNC can be used in all System Operations namely Windows, Linux or Macintosh or Android. This software consists of 2, namely VNC Connect (for creating VNC servers) and VNC Viewer (for remote VNC servers).

How to Use VNC Viewer

For this time I will review how to remote your PC with VNC Viewer on your Android phone or Android tablet. For the steps as follows:

  1. Download VNC Viewer software first
  2. For VNC on Android, you can download directly from Google Play (your Android market) but you need to spend to buy the application, but many people have uploaded again on other sites, please search for yourself VNC on Google play:
  3. Install all VNC on your PC and VNC on your Android, when you finish installing on your PC VNC server will ask for code license to use, select to via internet and you will be asked to register to get the license code serial. The license can be used for only one month.
  4. After installing everything, open VNC Server on your PC
  5. After it is open, and the server automatically runs, in the display, you can enter the IP address listed there to be included in the VNC that will restart it.
  6. There is clearly stated you can use the browser to remote but must install Java first. In the Connectivity menu is the IP address that can be on the remote or your network that is connected. If you are connected to a modem and you can remotely use the internet using the public IP.
  7. After it is activated, set the password on the VNC Viewer server so that other people cannot remotely remote your PC, other terms your remote desktop is protected by the password that you provided. open in “More “- and choose “Options menu’.
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VNC Viewer Latest Version
VNC Viewer Latest Version

Now you can control your PC via this software.

Note: Download VNC Connect to the computer to control, and download VNC Viewer to the device you want to control from.