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Gedit is one of the text editors which are set as default. It comes from the GNOME desktop environment and becomes part of the GNOME Core Application. It is designed as a text editor possessing general-purpose. It emphasizes the simplicity and the ease of usage along with a clean and simple GUI based on the philosophy of the GNOME project. Gedit offers tools for editing source code and structured text like you may see on the markup language.

Gedit Features

Initially released on February 21, 1999, which was about 19 years ago, it is available for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. To ensure you more about Gedit, let’s simply refers to its basic features which are all well-functioned. Those basic features of Gedit include:

Syntax Highlighting


Gedit offers syntax highlighting through GtkSourceView for many kinds of program code and text markup formats which includes MediaWiki. GUI tabs are also available to support multiple files editing. You can move the tabs among the various windows. You can also edit remote files using GVFS libraries.

Full Undo and Redo System

Full undo and redo supports Gedit. It will help you to undo and redo your current words or sentences which you want to get back. This is very beneficial for editing. This feature is in line with the software which is functioned as text editor.

Multi-Language Spell Checking

Typically, most software has only one language spell checking. However, it provides you an ease and ability to check the spelling in more language. For example, if you are a Russian, you can set up the language program on your desktop and choose Gedit for it provides you editing in Russian. Multi-language spell checking enables you to check the spelling based on the language you are using in your typing.

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Optional Panel

There are two optional panes available in Gedit. They are the optional side panel which is displaying the list of open files and a file browser and the optional bottom pane using the gedit-plugins terminal. There is automation on detecting while an open file is modified on the disk by another application. Along with the use of the plugin, Gedit is able to save and load sessions on the lists of recently open tabs.

Gedit Latest Version
Gedit Latest Version


The feature of printing on Gedit includes print preview and printing to PostScript and PDF files. Printing feature options are including font, page size, orientation, margins, page headers, and line numbers and also the syntax highlighting. These printing options are all functioned well to support your editing.

Application Upgrade

Gedit also offers application upgrade for major application in the late 2003 and early 2004. The application upgrades use a new cleaner interface and code base improvements in order to have a better work.


Finally, we may come to the conclusion that Gedit has most of the basic features you can use as a text editor. Those basic features allow you to make better text editing by using the features in a maximum way. Thus, it is also considerable for text editing.

Download Gedit Latest Version