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If we talk about photo editor, all we can think of is Adobe Photoshop. However, there are more photo editor apps besides Adobe Photoshop CC and one of them is GIMP. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a software for raster-based graphics. This software itself is perfect for photo editing, image processing, self-image creation, and image merging. The app has many capabilities and benefits. The software can be used in simple paint programs, image format converters, high-quality photo repairs programs, mass rendering mass production, as well as online batch processing systems.


GIMP runs on the GNOME desktop and it is released under the GNU General Public License. This software was originally developed for the X11 desktop that runs on Linux platforms. But this time, this photo editor app has been ported to some other operating system platform such as Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. So, you can install this software right now. How does this photo editor work? Graphs generated by GIMP are stored in XCF format and it can be exported to various image formats such as jpg, bmp, pdf, gif, tiff, png, svg, and many more. GIMP itself provides a lot of plugins that allow us to process images quickly. That is one of its best points.

Know More about The GIMP

The app has the great feature called GNU Image Manipulation Program. If a program already exists in GNU adds-on, it means that the program is developed in an open-source environment licensed under GNU-GPL which is under the support of the Free Software Foundation. It supports many image formats, including JPG and PNG that we often use. This format can be opened in almost any image editor and image viewer. So there is no more reason for incompatible formats. For storage in raw format, it has its own format file XCF. If necessary, you can also use the PSD format which is standard Photoshop format.

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GIMP Latest Version
GIMP Latest Version

GIMP can be used with scripts called Script-Fu. You can customize the various functions or features into new functions as to speed up the use of functions you often do or even create features that previously did not exist. Ig you are an expert in editing photo, with its nature source-code, it can be used to create online image processing or rendering by combining with CGI or others. So, this photo editor enables you to process images online. There are some benefits that you can get if you use The GIMP which are:

  1. The app is very light and it can be used on computers that use low to even minimum specifications.
  2. It can make animated images
  3. The photo editor is easy to use for an image or photo completion, import images, export images, as well as convert photos to SVG extensions,
  4. It can display image or photo files from various file formats
  5. Editing the text screen is easier
  6. There are still a few plug-ins available
  7. Only support 8 bits per channel
  8. Supports various file formats

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