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Opera browser is one of the web browsers that is quite popular among internet users in the world. It is a web browser developed by a company called Opera. In fact, Opera is a browser that has the highest rating among other browsers. This browser is the best browser and has become favorite browser for users. Opera also has web browser called Opera Mini and also Mobile Opera which are a simple and simple version of Opera Browser for smartphones and mobile phones. Opera has many advantages, thus making a web browser that is widely used by internet users around the world. Here are some advantages of Opera Browser.

Opera Browser
Opera Browser

Opera Browser Features

  • Resource memory is small and light

Opera browser is a browser with very light resources. it offers an Internet experience with a fast startup process, as well as a smaller memory consumption compared to other browsers. It is suitable to be applied and installed on computers with low storage and it is also very suitable to be installed on mobile phones that do not use java platform or operating system. With this advantage, Opera wouldn’t interfere with the performance of computers that have a low storage, including the RAM computer.

  • Various languages

Opera Browser has advantages for those of you who can’t understand English well. It has the option of using other languages besides English. You can select it on the menu. So users can use Opera with their own language.

  • Fast loading and rendering speed

One of the perks that operated by Opera Browser is fast site processing speed, rendering, and loading. Compared to other browsers, it is one of the fastest browsers and it has the highest rating in terms of utility and functionality compared to other browsers.

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Opera Browser Latest Version
Opera Browser Latest Version
  • Complete security features

For those of you who need security whenever you browse and surf the internet, then the user can use Opera. This browser has many security features and it is protected against viruses and malware. In addition, Opera also has a manageable data usage management. Users can set whether you are going to load all the pages of the site or not by using it. It can also maintain the security of computer networks used for browsing as well as related data.

  • Integrated with RSS Reader

For users who often seek information from news portal sites and also blogs then Opera Browser is the right choice. It has an integration feature to RSS reader. That way, you can read news and headlines quickly too easily without having to bother to open the site and also link the news portal or blog.

  • Integrated with Bit Torrent server and site

For those of you who like to download content, maybe you often use a Bit Torrent server to download the content. It has features integrated with Bit Torrent server. You can download anything from any site by using this Browser.

Those are the features when you use Opera Web Browser.

Download Opera Browser Latest Version