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Do you use Windows operating system in computer device? Do you need an image editing tools which has great features? Well, the answer is here for you. There is an app called Paint.NET which has been given four stars out of five. The app has been popular among those who love editing images using easy and simple tools. Image and photo manipulation tools, user interface and more key features are designed with the intuitive system, so users would have excellent experience learning to use the app without assistance.


Paint.NET Tools and Features

There are some tools and features which definitely will elevate the value of the app. With such helpful features, the app does a great job of keeping users fall in love with it. Here are the key features of the app on the latest update:

  • NET provides tools which serve the function of special effects, such as blurring, distortion, embossing, noise, sharpening and red-eye removal
  • Another key to image editing is the perspective. From a different perspective, sometimes we see things we haven’t seen before. That is why this app provides 3D rotate/zoom effects to create different perspective and titling effect
  • As an image manipulation app, there are many useful editing tools like hue and saturation, contrast, brightness, curves, and levels
  • The app also serves the conversion function, for example, converting an image from to black and white or sepia
  • NET understands that the interface has to be easily operated; therefore, it launches a tabbed document interface which helps users navigate multiple images very easily
  • Usually, when the user points to one of the tabs, a text description will appear. In this app, instead of that, what will appear is a live thumbnail of the image being edited
  • Lastly, the app uses a layers system which allows users to manage the transparency of the image through a series of layers
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Why use Paint.NET?

Paint.NET Latest Version
Paint.NET Latest Version

At last, we’ve come to the ultimate question which is why using Paint.NET? There are at least a few answers, but we are going to cover some of them. The simplicity of the app must be one of the reasons. Commonly, image and photo manipulation have complicated and difficult tools to understand, while this app offers a simple interface. Moreover, users are happy with the app’s speed. The speed makes the performance phenomenal. Users will not have to wait long for the app to start or finish the job.

Download Paint.NET Latest Version