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The loss of important data sometimes can be happened due to virus attack. The system is corrupt and so on, which makes us lost our important files. Actually formatted data can be returned because the partition on the hard drive actually still stores some temp files that are still stored on the disk. In restoring deleted data formatted, there is PC Inspector Smart Recovery that can help you with this problem.

PC Inspector Smart Recovery
PC Inspector Smart Recovery

Recovering Your Data with PC Inspector Smart Recovery

This is a freeware program that has been designed for full recovery, differential, and incremental recovered files immediately to zip archives. By using this application, you don’t need to recover all your files again and again. Instead, you can recover only new ones or people who have switched since the last backup. You never lose or overwrite valuable files. All their versions can be saved in the zip archive.

This is the app is a great app for backup and restore tools for Windows and also gives Windows 8 support. This subject also comes with a size of 2GB of free online storage. You can use local devices like external drives, USB media, flash disk, CD / DVD, and others to quickly restore access. You can also make decisions for how long, how much, and what recovery version to protect with some new retention data features in the app.

This app can also make protection for files such as photos, videos, music, documents, programs, e-mail, contacts, calendars, and more. PC Inspector Smart Recovery puts your content in a safe online location and syncs with your device. This app is safe, reliable, and easy as well. It also has the sync feature. The files you specify are driven for all your devices automatically, easily, and seamlessly.

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You can restore everything, not just files, but also the right configuration of your computer counts the operating system, settings, and applications. This data recovery app is the right choice. The app has a simple interface, so you will easily understand how to operate it. This app can be downloaded for free.

PC Inspector Smart Recovery Latest Version
PC Inspector Smart Recovery Latest Version

This data recovery application app can be used to restore files on your PC. But it is also able to recover data on SD Card, hard disk, CD or DVD that has been deleted. In addition, the Recycle Bin feature in PC Inspector Smart Recovery has advantages over other applications because it does not require an internet connection and is more power efficient. Just as the name implies, this data recovery application does have a function to inspect and recover your disk on PC. Besides functioning to recover PC, the application can also restore video and music type filers.

Another function of the data recovery app is that it can upload files that you have restored to Google Drive or Dropbox services as another way to back up your data. In addition, you can also send application files via email with the help of this application. This is why we recommend PC Inspector Smart Recovery because you can restore and protect your important files. You can also have backup data.

Download PC Inspector Smart Recovery Latest Version