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Sometimes you can accidentally delete important files or data on your phone. Especially for those of you who often save important files and data on a smartphone. Of course, it is not pleasant if the important files that you have suddenly disappear because they are accidentally erased. There are many factors that can make files on your smartphone erased from negligence to the most dangerous smartphone viruses. If you want to restore the data, you are lucky because here we will try to share how to restore deleted data on a smartphone by using PhoneRescue.

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PhoneRescue: Best Data Recovery App for Smartphone

When you become aware of your data or files being deleted on your device, the first thing you have to do is stop immediately to use this device for a while and try to restore the data as soon as possible. If it is not likely that the data on your device will overwrite and you will no longer be able to get the data. If your smartphone is infected with a virus, it’s good to clean the virus by removing the types of malware on your device. That way the data return process will be easier. Keep in mind that the danger of a smartphone virus is similar to the danger of a computer virus. Which can give harm to users who are infected by it?

Restoring lost data on the smartphone is not much different from how to recover lost data on a PC. To restore data lost at this time can also be done more easily. This is because there are many recovery software available on the internet compared to a few years ago. In smartphone when you delete a file, the file will be permanently deleted. Unlike on your PC which will remove deleted files to the recycle bin feature before being permanently deleted. How to restore deleted data on the smartphone is actually not too different from how to restore deleted flash disk data. It’s just that this will use a different application with a different system which called as PhoneRescue.

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PhoneRescue Latest Version
PhoneRescue Latest Version

You can use this application to restore deleted data on your smartphone. Here are some steps to restore files using this application:

  1. First, you need to download PhoneRescue and install this application. You can download it for iOS and Android devices.
  2. After successfully downloading and installing, open this application. A command will appear that asks for the type of file you want to restore. If you do not know the type of file you can choose the “all” section to return all types of files that have been deleted on your device.
  3. This application will then scan the type of file you want to restore. If the file scanning process is complete, a list of deleted files will appear
  4. Among the erased data on the app, choose the file or data that you want to restore.
  5. After you select the file or data that you want to restore, you can choose the “Restore” section. To restore deleted data to your device.

Download PhoneRescue Latest Version