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PhotoRec is a portable software that doesn’t need to install it first. TestDisk has two applications in it, TestDisk itself and this app. This is the explanation:

  1. TestDisk: This tool can find FAT32, NTFS, or ReiserFS partitions that are deleted and restore them. Be careful, besides changing the Master Boot Record (MBR), TestDisk can also overwrite partitions that are not damaged. Run ‘tesdisk_win.exe’. Under ‘Select a media’, select the hard disk with the corresponding partition. Confirm your choice by clicking ‘Proceed’. The tool will ask for ‘partition table type’ for the PC type is ‘Intel’. Next, choose ‘Analyze’. The tool scans the hard disk and looks for all entries in the MBR, including lost partitions.

After TestDisk displays the results, you can change the attributes of a partition, for example from ‘D’ to deleted to ‘L’ to logical. To find deleted partitions, which are no longer listed there, Advanced Search is available. You can change the attribute again and overwrite the MBR with the ‘Write’ command.

  1. PhotoRec: This software specializes in restoring deleted photos, but it can also save other types of files such as ZIP archives. Activate ‘photorec_win.exe’ and select a media. This can be external media such as USB-stick or SD-card. Confirm by choosing ‘Proceed’. Next, select the type of partition table generally ‘Intel’. In the next view, mark the drive and click ‘Search’ to start the search. Automatically the tool will restore deleted files and save them in the ‘recup_dir’ folder. This folder is under the photorec_win.exe program directory. This app is very useful whenever you accidentally delete your photo or other files. You can also recover USB or Memory Card using this application.
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How to Use PhotoRec

  1. First, download the TeskDisk so you can use this restoring photo app.
  2. Then Extract then open the Testdisk folder
  3. Then select the win folder where there are testdisk.exe and photo_rec.exe
  4. Right-click the software and select Run Administrator, then a window will appear:
  5. Then press enter on “Proceed” will appear:
  6. Select your photos or another file
  7. If you use Windows then choose “Intel”:
  8. Select the photo that we want to recover.
  9. Then Select File System that matches your PC’s operating system if Windows uses the “Other options”, then Click Enter.
  10. Then choose “Free” or “Whole” as you wish, and click Enter to continue the process. Free is for files that are not WinRAR (mixed). Meanwhile, “Whole” is for files that are in the form of WinRAR
  11. Select the date where you deleted the file, then you press enter.
  12. Wait until the process is complete. We can see the file we are recovering where you extract in this app folder.
  13. After rebooting, the missing photos will reappear in Disk Management because you have used the [“Write” partition table function.
PhotoRec Latest Version
PhotoRec Latest Version

If you experience other damage such as the folder you are looking for does not exist or PhotoRec does not find a lost photo, there is a possibility of other damage on the hard disk.

Download PhotoRec Latest Version