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RogueKiller is a software that is able to do the general bits of anti-malware such as detecting and removing generic malware as well as advanced threats like worms, rogues and rootkits. What makes this one better is that it can also detect controversial programs or PUPs and any possible bad system corruptions or modifications (PUMs). This is a freemium app in which it is available for free and users can buy the premium version if they want to use all the features offered in it. Here’s why RogueKiller is getting all the talk these days.


RogueKiller: What is it?

Developed by Adlice Software, this anti-malware program is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP as well as Vista (32/64 bits). To start off, this program is based on more classic anti-malware analysis or signature finding as well as on powerful generic detection or heuristic and those two things are enough to make RogueKiller one of the best anti-malware programs out there. This software also has the ability to find threats that other anti-malware simply can’t. This stems from the fact that this software performs a very deep and aggressive scanning process.

RogueKiller Features

Generally speaking, this software provides you with three primary plans. All of the different plans have additive features. That’s why every higher level plan also includes all of the features available for the lower level plans. They are all as follows:

Free features

  • Malware detection
  • No registration needed
  • Malware removal
  • Anti-rootkit features
  • Can be used on any devices

Moreover, this free version also includes virus removal in addition to getting rid of malware essentially. Despite the fact that this is a free version, it is still able to completely eradicate viruses from your PC.

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Personal Features

  • Use on up to five devices
  • Registration needed
  • Scanning for infected files, anti-rootkit features, and removal
  • Got themes!
  • Customizable scanning
  • The GUI won’t boot? Command line interface will come to the rescue
  • Controllable software in a remote location through the administration panel
  • Automatic updates
  • Customer support

The automatic updates part is probably the most important feature here since updates, in general, are important. Furthermore, customer service allows you to get help whenever!

RogueKiller Latest Version
RogueKiller Latest Version

Technician Features

  • Rebranding via logos
  • Portable settings

This is the highest levels and they offer you two new improvements which is clear that this targets at business environment. you can also customize the interface with your own logos.


Since this is a freemium software, you might want to know the basic details of the pricing models offered by RogueKiller. Fair warning, you might be surprised at how extremely simple they are!

  • Free plan: $ 0.00 (well, duh! It’s obvious!)
  • Technician Plan: $ 50.00 annually
  • Personal Plan: $ 17.00 annually

Not only that, but this program also offers free trials for first time user. This allows you to determine whether you want to use the free versions forever or want to unlock the full set of features by going premium. Your choice!


So, that’s all about it! Not only does RogueKiller have a very cool and killer name but it also offers you with quality malware removal service. So, don’t let the fact that you have never heard of it before holding you back from trying this one!

Download RogueKiller Latest Version