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What is TeamViewer? This app is an important app that serves to control your partner’s computer or friends. You can control other people computer and you can also transfer their data too. So, this app makes two or more people can control each other computer remotely. But both parties need permission from each other. You can download this app for free. After the download process has finished, you need to double-click to install it. Then, click Run. Choose“Basic Installation” or “Personal Installation” for non-commercial use.


How to Use TeamViewer

This app is a software that can be used free of charge for personal or non-commercial use. It can be used to remotely access a PC over a network that connects like the Internet. There are 3 types of TeamViewer are available are Installer version, portable version, and basic web version. This app is like the opposite of remote support, it means that after a connection between two computers connects, they will display the monitor screen on another PC accessed.

TeamViewer Latest Version
TeamViewer Latest Version

There are some features of this app that you can use. The first feature is remote control.  In this feature, you must recognize this function first. We will discuss the first remote control. The remote control is a feature that you can use to control somebody else’s computer. But you need to know the ID of the TeamViewer partner on the computer that you want to control. You just need to enter the Partner ID and keep clicking connected to the couple and we can remotely connect someone’s computer.

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The next feature is file transfer. This feature has a function as a client and server. How to use this feature? You just simply is drag and drop to move files from client to server or vice versa. It is so easy to use so that people will not experience difficulties. There is also a Meeting feature which has the function to create meetings that can allow up to 20 computers. There are two columns on the left that meet the computer which has the function of providing access to meetings for others and yourself to host. You have to click on the instant meeting that you already host. And then join the meeting. You can join a number of other meetings by entering the ID meeting. With TeamViewer, you can monitor and access another computer for good purposes. This app is made for people who want something practical and easy to use.