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RStudio is a programming language and software system designed specifically to do all things related to statistical computing. This programming language was first developed in 1993 by two statistical experts, Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman at Auckland University, New Zealand. Until now, the R programming language continued to grow rapidly along with the increasing popularity of the term “Big Data” and the increasing need for companies to be data scientists to process and analyze data in the company as a basis for policy making and automating business processes to be data-driven. Programming languages like Python and R have become the main choice for researchers and practitioners in the field of data science to process and analyze data both for research and business purposes. Therefore, for a beginner in the field of data science, R is a highly recommended programming language to master.


Why Can RStudio Become So Popular?

Based on the publication released by IEEE Spectrum ranks languages in 2017, R belongs to the 10 most popular programming languages. R is in the 6th position above the Javascript and PHP programming languages which are in the 7th and 8th positions respectively. While the first rank is held by the Python programming language, which is also in great demand by data scientists. One of the reasons why R can fit into the most popular programming languages is that more and more people are using R in academic research papers. So, R proved very popular to be used by researchers in the field of statistics and data science. In addition, R is also developed open source so that it can be used legally without the need to pay for any license, aka free! Equally important is that R already has a large user community, so that any problems that we will encounter during the learning process can almost certainly be available on the StackOverflow website.

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Rstudio Latest Version
Rstudio Latest Version

Installing RStudio

After getting to know the R programming language a little, the next step is to install this environment systems as IDEs to make it easier for us when coding later. Following are the steps for installing R:

First, you need to download RStudio first. Then, click the link Download R 3 for Windows (Assuming you use Windows OS), make sure the download process is complete 100%. Install the file downloaded in step 2 on PC or Laptop according to the OS version it has (64 bit or 32 bit). If the installation process has finished correctly, the R icon will appear on the desktop. Next, we need to install this app as an IDE. The app is specifically designed to make it easier for us to process coding and project management later. Therefore, we strongly recommend installing this application before starting to study the use of R itself. Some features of the app include code completion, syntax highlighting, smart indentation, etc. After you click the R icon, then the display will be directed to the Installers for Supported Platforms page section. Select the default option for each installation stage. If the installation process has finished correctly, the RStudio icon will appear on the desktop or toolbar.

Download RStudio Latest Version