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Safari is certainly the fastest web browser for Apple platforms, including Mac computers, iPads, and iPhones. Although Safari isn’t as versatile as Chrome or Firefox, it is still able offering fast and easy web browser for Apple device users. Users also can sync Safari settings in all across their Apple devices. With the latest release of iOS 11 and MacOS High Sierra, there are some improvements and new features in Safari 11 to improve the performances.

Safari Browser
Safari Browser

New Features in Safari Browser Latest Version

There are some new features in Safari 11, including:

  • WebRTC Support

Maybe adding WebRTC support is the most advanced record in Safari 11. Now, Safari supports real-time communication including via voice and video communications over peer-to-peer connections right into the browser. So, users don’t need to download new software or another third-party plug-in.

  • Reader-View

The Reader View is one of the favorite features in Safari. By clicking a Reader View button on the right side of the search bar, users can eliminate all the ads, pop-ups, or visual distractions on the webpage. However, different from the previous version, Safari 11 automatically enables Reader View on a per-site basis. Users just need to press Reader View icon longer.

  • Block auto-playing video

Now, Safari 11 made auto-playing media policy that can automatically block video playing on most websites. Users not only can mute the sound but also turn the “never auto-play” in “Preferences” setting to prevent the video from playing.

Safari Browser Latest Version
Safari Browser Latest Version
  • Tracking prevention

Regarding privacy-related features, Apple offers third-party cookies blocking and intelligent tracking prevention. This feature will limit cookies and other website data to reduce cross-site tracking. Now, users can block trackers in private and regular browser session.

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You can find some other features in Safari 11. For example, forever favorite features such as “Top Sites” that allows users to do bookmarks to save websites on the browser in full preview or “Reading List” that allows the users to save the URLs of articles from the website. There is also new WebAssembly format support, Fast tap, scroll snapping, and other more.

The Advantages Using Safari

Not only the features above, there are also some advantages that may only be experienced by Safari users. For speed and compatibility, Safari offers unbeatable loading page for the web browser. It only takes 2 seconds to start up with less time to load a page. Users can also navigate between sites quicker. Since users can sync Safari on all their Apple devices, they can access the saved websites or change the settings more easily. Meanwhile, Safari also can access other sites such as Google. Users can even access and edit some documents from Microsoft products without any compatibility issues from Safari.

For better user experience, Safari offers best customer service. If users need some help or supports, they can contact the developer via email or telephone. Users also can check on the user forums, tutorials, online user guide, or FAQs on the website to get more information. Moreover, the security features are upgraded from privacy mode browsing, delete private data to adjusting security level.

Although Safari is a web browser compatible the best with all Apple devices, it still lacks some plug-in and another area than other web browsers. However, Safari is the best and fastest web browser that brings exclusivity to Apple users.

Download Safari Browser Latest Version