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Have you already known what SciTE stands for? Yap, it stands for Scintilla based Text Editor. It is a cross-platform text editor which uses Scintilla editing components. Written by Neil Hodgson, this software has a license under a minimal version of Historical Permission Notice and Disclaimer.

SciTE was released initially in 1999, which is about 19 years ago. As a text editor, this software is designed for source editing. In this case, SciTE unites with the other text editors to share some basic features. SciTE is written in C++ and available for Microsoft Windows and Linux along with the intention for USB flash drives.


There are 3 reasons why SciTE makes sense to use as your text editor. Check them out as follows:

SciTE: Highly Configurable

SciTE is considered to be highly configurable. Along with this capability, you can edit your plain text configuration files by altering the settings. You can do it although graphical preferences are not available. You can try to have different settings for each language and project.

Due to the large number of menu options to open the files in the editor, it is possible for you to customize the use of the features.

Useful Basic Features

Like many other text editors, SciTE has some useful basic features which you can use to support your working with the software. Those basic features which may be very helpful for you are:

  • Syntax Highlighting

It is a feature used for programming, scripting, or marking up languages including HTML. In this way, you may select different colors and fonts based on the terms category. Usually, syntax highlighting integrates with the other features such as spell checking and code folding to help to edit.

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SciTE Latest Version
SciTE Latest Version
  • Regular Expression

The regular expression is intended to define a search pattern. This pattern is generally used for ‘find and replace” operation. Regular expression exists in the search engine of a text editor.

  • Copy and Paste Formatted

The copy and paste format are always available in every text editor as well as SciTE. It provides you an easy way of copying some words or sentences and pasting them for a better editing. This feature is very helpful especially if you are running on editing big files.

  • Multiple Selections

Another important feature of it as a text editor is the multiple selections. Along with this feature, you are able to select more than one options from a drop-down box. Thus, you may see that this feature provides you a ease and flexibility.

  • Embedded Lua Programming Language

SciTE provides Lua Programming language which is embedded. This function helps you to customize more. Lua scripts are accessible to the contents of the buffer Scintilla API. Then, the triggered scripts offer you a probability to implement auto-completion feature.


Out of the 3 reasons why SciTE makes sense to be your text editor, you may conclude that it deserves to put in the recommended list of text editors. You won’t know how it works unless you make a trial.

Download SciTE Latest Version