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In simple, the animation is moving images. Cartoons that we see every day are an animation based movie. Creating animation is an amazing activity for some people. Those who agree have to check out this app, Synfig Studio. The latest version of this app is the Synfig 1.2.1 which is 99.78MB in size. It is available for all Windows versions, Mac OS, and Linux with multiple languages feature. Updated in early September 2017, the app has obtained more recognition from a lot of users. To help you understand about the app, here is a brief explanation of what it is and its features.

Synfig Studio Logo
Synfig Studio Logo

Synfig Studio Important Features

To help users achieve the desired results, Synfig Studio provides them with important features. Each of these features has its own function which helps users to enhance the results. Even though it is a free application, it is still the best open source 2D vector with a timeline-based animation application system which is suitable for creating an animation film, animation for web or advertisements. To know more about the app, here are the key features:

Synfig Studio Latest Version
Synfig Studio Latest Version
  • Spatial resolution-independence: This feature is used when users want to change the target resolution. Often times, the pixilation occurs to the entire range which is kind of a bummer. But using this application, the pixilation only occurs in imported raster images.
  • High dynamic-range imaging: This feature allows users to apply lighting effects and correct color composition. Firstly, the app will calculate the image using floating-point math, then it processes the image by focusing on the pixel luminance.
  • Temporal resolution independence: This feature on Synfig Studio lets users experience a smooth motion while using all the tools and processing the images.
  • Path-based gradients: This feature helps users, or artists, to use time effectively in editing or creating animation because it allows them to add soft shading to the animation without having to paint it on to each frame, which is a waste of time.
  • Layers: Working on animation in a single layer is ultimately impossible. Using this feature, artists can make a multitude of layers based on their need, such as geometric, filters, fractal, distortions, gradients, transformations, and more layers.
  • Artist-oriented design: If the design of the app’s system is too complex and too complicated, it will be hard for artists to work on their projects. With an amazing workflow built in Synfig Studio, artists are prevented from such trouble.
  • Pen tablet-friendly tools: The tools in this app are presented really well, especially, the draw tools. The system has recognized which are your favorite tools and tablets. Reportedly, this is a new feature, so there are a lot of things coming this way!
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Those are a few of the app’s key features which you should know. Moreover, as a matter of fact, the app Synfig Studio has been proven to provide artists with advanced tools and features, such as High Dynamic-Range Imaging or HDRI and more. Those should be enough proof for artists to trust the app and start using it to create amazing animation works.