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TextEdit is a very simple, open source word processor and text editor which is first featured in NeXTSTEP and OpenStep. It is soon distributed with macOS and powered by Apple Advanced Typography. So it has many advanced typographic features.

The operating system which is supporting TextEdit is macOSWindows with its Windows version, and ported to all GNUstep system. As the text editor as well as a word processor, it has a New BSD license.


TextEdit Features

Read and Write

TextEdit has a capability to read and write documents using Cocoa text system in Rich Text Format (RTF), Rich Text Format directory, plain text, and HTML format. In this case, it replaced the text editor of previous Macintosh Operating Systems.

Automatic Spelling Correction

The automatic spelling correction is available in the version of Mac OS X v10.6 to support the data detectors and text transformations. This feature enables you to correct the wrong words typed automatically. This feature is also called as built-in spell checking service in which the app allows you to easily choose the words suggested for correction.


For the formatted text, justification is needed. It includes graphics and other multimedia elements. It also provides the ability to read and write to different characters encoding such as Unicode (UTF-8 and UTF-16).  It also offers automation adjustment of the letter spacing to give the words space while you are justifying the text.

High Resolution

It is considered to have high-resolution which is 1.5 icons found in Mac OS X versions. This feature allows you to replace the versions by a blank sheet of notepaper in 10.10 (Yosemite). It is best described that the higher the resolution of a text editor has, the better the result you will have on your working on editing text.

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Source Code

Apple has been distributing TextEdit’s source of code as a part of the documentation in the IDE Xcode. IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. On the internet, the source of code owned by TextEdit is found in Apple Apple’s Mac Developer Library.

TextEdit Latest Version
TextEdit Latest Version

Word Count

In my opinion, the word count presented by TextEdit is easier to apply. However, when you select Command + F and tap the magnifying glass and select Insert Pattern and Any Word Characters, you will clearly see the word count in the right of the search bar.

Search Better

What else can this text editor offer? Well, it is the ability to search better. Use Command + F and tap on the magnifying glass to get the series of different search parameters. You can use them to find specific words, actions, as well as other items along with the documents.


Out of the 7 features offered by TextEdit, we can summarize that TextEdit is very considerable to use due to its usable functions and features. This type of word processor and text editor offers what you need basically. Thus, you have no reason not to notice TextEdit.