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ThinLinc is categorized as a remote desktop app. This kind of app is one of the common app used to control computers from other computers in order to monitor and gain access to various applications and files on the destination computer. Usually, the company is the one who uses this kind of app. In addition, to facilitate the work, this app is also often used to perform fad by a number of people. The app uses TCP / IP protocol which is the most widely used protocol in LAN, WAN, and Internet. That means it can access a remote computer from anywhere in the world. This software can be used to operate home office computer remotely, provide helpdesk function for the Remote User, as well as easily manage home or office networks remotely.

ThinLinc Logo
ThinLinc Logo

How do ThinLinc works? You can see a computer screen that is remotely monitored on the monitor screen and all signals of mouse and keyboard movement will be transferred directly to the remote computer. You can run a remote computer like a regular computer. You can access it remotely with the same computer from various places and use the file transfer further, text and voice chat, remote shutdown, Telnet and various features it offers. You can use this app for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. There is some benefit that you can get by installing this app.

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Features of ThinLinc

  • Variable remote screen

Remote viewing full-screen mode is including Screen, Scale, and Windowed. Full-Screen Mode lets you see the remote screen across the entire display screen. Scale Mode allows viewing the remote scale of the screen in a window with a user-defined size. The app also supports High Resolution and Multiple mode monitors.

  • Multilingual

This software has multi support using languages per one file so it is not necessary to download and re-install the software for each language.

  • Multiple Connections Support

The app also supports concurrent multiple connections to the same remote screen. This means being able to invite friends or to see a remote screen or be able to see or control some away from the computer screen.

ThinLinc Latest Version
ThinLinc Latest Version
  • Free technical support E-mail

ThinLinc supplies FREE technical support that you can register as a customer. This feature can use online helpdesk service to send technical inquiries. Usually, we solve technical problems within 24 hours. However, this feature let you solve the technical problems in just several hours.

This is the reason why we recommend you to use this app.