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The remote desktop software is a program used to control computer from another device in another location. This software really helps in any purposes from home to office. It also used for any business purposes. This remote control program enables the user to manage remote computer from any devices. You can use this program for auditing, monitoring or accessing any files you need from different sources. This remote controlling function can be operated legally only by an authorized party.

You can access your remote computer with a software through an internet connection. Make sure your remote computer is connected to the internet before using any remote desktop software. One of this remote control software that has been recognized well is Virtual Network Computing (VNC). This VNC software helps administrator to reach any information from different computer sources easily.

TigerVNC Logo
TigerVNC Logo

TigerVNC Main Features

This VNC is made with a graphic base that supports the operating system like Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. With this software, distance is not a big deal because all the data in any remote computer can be accessed any time from any computer near you. VNC has become one of the most popular software because of these reasons :

  • Multi-platform

This VNC software can be used in several platforms such as Linux, Macintosh, Windows, and BeOS. This multi-platform feature makes VNC more flexible to be used.

  • Client-server system

VNC using a client-server system that needs installation in both sides. For some people, this system may not so convenient, but on the other sides, installation on both client and server can guarantee the security of computers included. Only an authorized server and client could make a connection and access information from one another.

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TigerVNC Latest Version
TigerVNC Latest Version
  • Transparency

This remote desktop software works without hiding itself. A computer using this software can be detected easily by another user. Despite this transparency, VNC still needed a password to activate any connection. Without this password, the VNC program will not work at all.

  • Work across internet

You can use VNC across any internet IP address. All you have to do is to get the IP address and password from the computer you want to access. Then, you can build a connection to control the computer from your device.

  • HTTP support

A VNC Server can be accessed from VNC client using browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer. This HTTP support feature allows all users to access this software easily.

TigerVNC is a platform that implements this VNC technology. TigerVNC is a project based on the previous project of VNC called TightVNC. It delivers more stable and high-performance remote desktop software. This software can be downloaded and used free from its official site or download below. Although TigerVNC could be downloaded free, this software has high-speed performance which is better from the previous version of VNC.

TigerVNC is distributed by General Public License published by Free Software Foundation. So, you have the rights to use or distribute this software by following all the official license. You can download and install it right away to enjoy this remote desktop software for any legal purposes.