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Paid antivirus can provide more protection but you have to spend money to buy the license. An alternative solution is that you can use free online antivirus services such as VirusTotal to check the file or website URL whether it is safe or not. The good thing is that it uses a lot of antivirus software and includes premium ones. All we need to do is upload the file you suspect or fill in the website address that seems doubtful into this app, and then just click Scan it. The scan process will take a moment and you will be redirected to the results page checking the file or site.


Today there are many types of antivirus with different features and technologies. In scanning files, of course, the best and most accurate results are checking using all the antivirus technology. But that certainly cannot be done by installing all types of antivirus on our computer. The way you can do is to use an online file scanner that has multiple antivirus engines. Here are the best online file scanners with antivirus engine that you can use:

Get Rid of Virus with Virustotal

This program is an online file scanner with the most popular multiple antivirus engines. The total virus has 40 antivirus engines to scan the files you upload. You can upload files up to 20 Mb in size. You can see from any security service (there are more than 50) files or your site is checked. This guarantees whether a file is really safe because the process will be thoroughly carried out. For example, the result is green all, it is likely that there is no danger. Whereas if there are some that are red, there may be a malware or just false-positive because of detection that is too aggressive. After that, the decision is in your hands whether to trust VirusTotal results or not. We recommend using it as a reference before opening files or websites carelessly, especially for downloading files.

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VirusTotal Desktop App Latest Version
VirusTotal Desktop App Latest Version

Moreover, this program is already a very popular program. This scanner file is indeed less popular when compared to other programs, but VirusTotal is very useful for scanning files that are of quite a large size. The antivirus engines on this program including F-Prot, Antivir, BitDefender, AVG, and ClamAV. You can use the scanner file to check the file you just downloaded or other files that you suspect contain viruses. The scanner file allows you to check a file by using many antivirus engines at the same time to convince you whether the file is truly safe or not.

Fun fact about this program is that this is an antivirus scanner that can be paired with an anti-malware program. Despite the various advantages and disadvantages that Virustotal has, this software can work according to his duties properly. By using this software, both free and paid, we can make the condition and performance of our computers optimal without virus and malware interference. Now, are you interested in using this program? Use this right now or never!