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Previously known as VideoLAN Client, VLC Media Player is an open-source and free tool to play most multimedia files. The cross-platform software supports major desktop OS such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is also compatible with mobile platforms including Android and iOS.

VLC Media Player

This software has been around for a while. Shipped around two decades ago, now it has become a considered media player with millions of users worldwide. Currently VLC supports most file formats, including streaming protocols.

VLC Media Player Features

Playing multimedia files and streaming media over computer networks comes easy with VLC. Thanks to abundant features packed into the software, such as support for most file formats, advanced control, and more. Here’s a closer look at features to leverage your experience.

1. Supports Major Formats

VLC allows you to play audio, video, and streaming protocols with various formats. Depending on the OS, it can read a myriad of formats including container formats, audio coding formats, video coding formats, digital camcorder, network protocols, and network streaming formats.

The software also has the ability to transcode audio and video into many formats, such as WebM, WAV, AAC, FLAC, MP3, MPEG, DV, and streaming protocols like HTTP and MMS.

2. Advanced Control

As one of the best multimedia players, VLC comes packed with a set of control features over the video and audio. It has audio effects that allows you to set equalizer and add filters for more immersive experience. You can also enhance the video with preloaded filters as well as synchronize the subtitle.

3. YouTube Downloader

If you want to watch a new video but don’t have one in the library, VLC lets you stream and save video from YouTube. It has a built-in feature that allows you to paste the URL and play video in the player. Open Codec Information, copy the URL from the location box, and save video to your device.

This isn’t a one-click YouTube downloader but it works well to improve your video collections. The next time you need to watch the video, do it without internet connection. In addition to the download feature, it enables you to record the video and save to your computer.

4. Audio Normalization

 In addition to audio control, VLC Media Player comes with audio normalization to optimize the volume. This feature helps protect your ear while playing any media by improving the sound quality. Go to Tools and adjust the volume as preferred. It will adjust the decibel levels of audio in the movies.

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Once adjusted, close and relaunch the software to enable the new setting. Get better experience in your favorite movies and keep your ears safe. 

5. Stream Podcasts and Internet Radio

VLC lets you play podcasts and internet radio without having to download separate software. You can find favorite radio stations or copy the station’s URL to stream if it is not available on the list. And if you wish to play podcasts via VLC, simply go to Playlist and choose the Podcasts option.

6. Loop Specific Section

Loop comes standard in most media players. But with VLC, you will have the added bonus of looping. Rather than looping an entire soundtrack or video, this media player loops a specific section of the file. Use Advanced Controls from the View menu and choose specific parts to start and end the loop.

This feature comes in handy to review a tutorial video or listen to an important audio file. Thus, you don’t necessarily need to click play and pause buttons repeatedly.

7. VLC Add-Ons and Extensions to Add Features

If you feel not enough with the default features, VLC has got you covered. Extensions, skins, and other tools are available to upgrade your software, thanks to the open-source community that keeps upgrading the features. These extensions add assorted tools to the media player so you can double the fun.

VLC Media Player Latest Version

How to Use VLC Media Player

VLC is basically an easy-to-use media player. It comes with a simple interface that allows easy operation, even for beginners. But if you don’t know where to start, you need a short guide of how to use it. You may refer to these instructions.

  • Download and install VLC for your OS. The player’s installer is quite straightforward and you don’t have to change any options during the installation process.
  • Load a video or audio into the player. You can drag a file from the local drive and drop into the player’s window. The file will play automatically.
  • Adjust to your preferences. Adjust audio, synchronize the subtitle, or change viewing options right from the menu bar above at the top of the screen.
  • Enjoy your favorite soundtrack or movies via VLC.

VLC Media Player is unarguably a decent multimedia player for everyday use. Not only does it allow you to play audio and video in many formats, it also supports streaming protocols for major platforms. Download this versatile player and see how it changes your multimedia experience.