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ConnectWise Control is an app which serves as Remote Administration. The app is very suitable to be used at work. By using this app, you can control all of the computers that used by the employees at the company. Many big companies use this app so they can control the computers at work. It is used to make the employees work efficiently and effectively. And the result is great. So, we really recommend you to use this app as Remote Administration.

ConnectWise Control

Features and Benefits of ConnectWise Control

  • Increase work speed

This app is the fastest remote control software available. New Direct Screen Transfer uses hook video technology kernel mode drivers to enhance and to assess hundreds of update screens per second. Specific low bandwidth optimization allows working comfortably even on modems and GPRS connections.

  • High security and reliability.

This app works in an encrypted mode where all data, screen images, mouse movements and keyboard signals are encrypted using strong AES 256-Bit encryption with randomly generated keys for each connection. This software is great for authentication users that used Windows security with Active Directory and support Kerberos. Or the user can use it with individual user security permissions and secure login and password authentication. ConnectWise Control security uses Diffie-Hellman based 2048-bit key exchange with key size. Additional IPfilter allows access only from certain networks and hosts.

  • Text and voice chat
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Text chat, voice, and chat can be sent in a new messaging mode to this app’s newest version. All text features are developed to help communicate with people who work remotely able to connect to the computer.

ConnectWise Control Latest Version
ConnectWise Control Latest Version
  • Easy to use

This app is very easy to learn and use. Most of our users agree that the big advantage of this remote control app is simplicity. By all reports, the interface is intuitive and the program is very easy to use. Unlike bloatware, the app does not avail value-added features that make it work hard, hard to learn or slow in its performance.

  • Secure “Drag and Drop” file transfer with “Delta Copy”

The app can easily drag and drop any files up to 2GB Explorer as through the interface to or from the remote computer encrypted standby. ConnectWise Control has a feature used when copying files on both machines. This feature is called “Delta Copy” since the only the difference file (delta) will be copied. Allows the operation to continue to copy after a network error from where the error occurred.