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These days a remote access software has become a software needed for professionals to complete work outside the workplace. This software is used to view, access and control computer with another device in a different place. A remote access software can be used for any purposes like home, small businesses and professional uses.

VNC Connect is one of remote access software that provides flexible access on a remote computer. With this software, all your work can be done from home or any other places. You don’t need to worry if you got lots of work to be done when you’re away. No need to make a phone call or asking someone to access your personal computer, VNC Connect will help you complete all your task in a simple way.

VNC Connect Logo
VNC Connect Logo

VNC Connect Main Features

VNC Connect is different from any other remote desktop software, it offers some unique features for all the users, which are :

  • Multi-purpose remote access software

This software provides a complete access including device access and instant support that already built in the software. There is no need to purchase several tools for different tasks.

  • Easy to access

VNC Connect is very accessible for all level users. There are no complex functionality or difficult user-guide to use this application. This feature makes any department at the office or a private user can access this software conveniently.

  • Saving time

The easy user-guide and interface can help you save more time for conducting special training to operate this remote access software. There is no need to spend lots of time to learn how to operate this remote support with all the ease offered.

  • Good quality service
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This software provides real-time remote support service with good quality to ensure all the customer satisfaction.

VNC Connect Latest Version
VNC Connect Latest Version
  • Mitigate risk

This software has an on-site service to help users overcome any problems with the software or anticipating system failures and risk to your computer.

  • Facilitate some audit purposes

VNC Connect is giving a remote desktop service that can be used for audit or controlling purposes. This feature really helps the business corporation to do a data inspection of all the department needed.

Besides all those unique features, VNC Connect provides a great security system to fulfill the responsibility towards all the user’s data. This application has some fundamental principals in the security system, which are:

  • VNC does not record every session you made with this software. Also, l the data can’t be decrypted at any time.
  • Every remote computer’s owner can decide who is able to access the remote computer themselves. This is to ensure the remote computer can be accessed only by the authorized ones.
  • Every connection made with VNC is treated like it is from a hostile environment.

This screen sharing application was developed since 20 years ago by the founders of RealVNC. All these experiences make VNC always give the best service to all the users. Download the free trial version now and see how it can make your work life a lot easier. This free version only available for 30 days and you can continue by purchasing the professional version. However, you can get free VNC Connect for non-commercial use only, but limited to 5 remote computers and 3 users.

Note: Download VNC Connect to the computer to control, and download VNC Viewer to the device you want to control from.