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If your life is around the computer system then you must have already known what WPS Office 2016 Free is! Yup, WPS is an acronym of Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheets. Previously, WPS Office is known as Kingsoft Office developed by Zhuhai-based Chinese software developer of Kingsoft.

WPS Office
WPS Office

WPS Office is defined as a suite of software made up of three primary components. Those are WPS Writer, WPS Presentation and WPS Spreadsheet. WPS Office was first released initially in 1988 completed with the stable release which is WPS Office for Windows (v.  on May 5, 2018.

The platform of this software includes Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS and Linux. WPS Office is available in Chinese, English, French, German, Italia, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese. Look how it is very useful for the users by the language availability.

WPS Office 2016 Free has a proprietary license covering Freeware for personal and commercial for business. It means that this software is useful for both personal use and commercial use.

About WPS Office 2016  Free

For Windows PC, WPS Office has been installed over 550 million times around the world. This software is known as the best Microsoft Office Alternatives completed with full compatibility which contains Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheet supported by Microsoft Office and Google Docs/Apps. WPS Office has the ability to load the extra 200 fonts and 100’s of free templates. The collaboration tools consist of track changes, comments and spell check. This is very good to run on documenting matter, particularly the spell check which enables you to automatically check your spelling so that you can correct it before you finally get your writing done.

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This software also possesses 100s of formulas and advanced spreadsheet tools where you can do your calculation easily. It also supported by the document encryption and read/write permission as well as the great customer support including email, online tools, and in-app support.

WPS Office 2016 Free
WPS Office 2016 Free

Another ability of WPS Office 2016 free is the ability to install WPS Office Mobile on unlimited mobile devices, both Android and iOS. Thus, if you have already had an Android or iOS on your hands, you can actually install WPS easily so that you can handle and run your working documents wherever and whenever as long as you bring your mobile devices with you.

Required Operating System

The required operating system of WPS Office includes Windows XP, Windows Vista (32bit, 64bit), Windows 7 (32bit,64bit), Windows 8 and Windows 10. This is considered to be enough requirement to support your working both in the office and at home.

The basic configuration of WPS Office is noted of having Pentium II 266 MHz or higher along with 128 MB memory and at least 200MB available space for hardware. These specs are good enough to enable you to operate the system well.

Meanwhile, the recommended configurations are including Pentium III 450 MHz or higher with the memory 256 MB or larger and available hardware 250 MB, too. Along with this ability, you will be able to use and maximize the software as you expected.


All in all, WPS Office 2016 free is best recommended for you to use as your great software where you can be able to maximize all the specs and operating system.