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Malware Scanner program is very necessary for your PC. This program will protect your PC from malware which can damage your files, program, and overall your PC. You don’t want this thing to happen to you, right? That’s why we recommend you to install Zemana Antimalware. After downloading this app and installing it on the system, the program offers ‘Free Scan’ and a Behavior Scan that checks computer security steps and looks for viruses or suspicious files. Usually, this program takes less than 5 minutes to check the system, so it can be used to help people prevent the loss of their personal information and similar problems that need to be fixed in a short time.

Zemana Antimalware
Zemana Antimalware

Once Zemana Antimalware has finished scanning, it will report suspicious files and what is detected. After that, the program uploads this file to “cloud” and checks them with the help of five different antivirus engine which are Dr.Web, Ikarus, Emsisoft, Prevx, and G Data. These names are well known in the computer security industry. We must mention that we especially like the idea that you don’t have to pay for a license if you find that your computer is safe. This is like a bonus in this app. If you don’t want to install it on the system because you think that it might start conflicting security programs and computer crashes, you can run it directly from a USB flash drive, CD / DVD, local hard drive or installed network. However, you can remove malware with this app only when the computer has an internet connection.

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How to Update the Zemana Antimalware Immunization Databases and Detection Rules

It is very important for you to always update the app with the latest definitions.

  • Click to the left of the app sidebar menu to activate the app Updater window that shows a list of web pages to download updates.
  • Select the location closest to your country, then right-click on that location, and select Set this server as the preferred download location. If you recently updated the Detection rules, the pop screen -up will appear to inform you that No newer updates are available or no newer updates are available. If you haven’t updated the Detection rules for a long time, the app Updater screen will appear and tell several servers that you can use to download updates.
Zemana Antimalware Latest Version
Zemana Antimalware Latest Version
  • Click to activate the app window Updater – Please select the updates to download here.
  • Select all available options, then click to start downloading the updates. Note: if there is an error in the download process, Zemana Antimalware will ask for your approval to repeat the download process. After the download is successful, you will be asked to immunize your system and check for problems.
  • Click finish, you will return to the app main screen.

Overall, Zemana Antimalware is a great app to detect malware and get rid of them for your PC. The app already got many good reviews too.