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If you are looking for a software that can protect against hijackers then consider getting ZHPCleaner. Its main goal is to restore proxy settings as well as remove browsers referrals. In a nutshell, this program is designed to scan for as well as remove hijackers, adware, toolbars, and PUPs or anything else that may be included with the browser you are using. This software is known to be the lightweight solution for cleaning your favorite browser off of potentially unwanted programs.


ZHPCleaner with Minimalist User Interface

This tool comes with a simple yet intuitive interface so rest assured that it shouldn’t pose any challenges when in use. The interface itself contains a small window which provides you with three tools, i.e. Scanner, Repair, and Report. Just like what it suggests, you need to perform a Scan first then go to Repair function to do the removing process of all the unwanted malicious software from your favorite browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Then, upon completion of the scanning process, you will be provided with a summary report as well as preview the PUP found.

Additionally, you can also use the right click function if you don’t know exactly what they are or need them and then learn more about them prior to deleting them. In ZHPCleaner, the role of the Report function is to save the results of your last scan so that you can access it later.

Get Rid of Adware Plus Their Registry Entry

This nifty little piece of software is not just useful in terms of removing annoying ads or toolbars from your browser. Nicolas Coolman, the developer of this software, intended to make it have the ability to detect as well as remove all bits of unwanted components nestled somewhere on your system. In other words, this tool will also remove registries, directories and any other files associated with them in addition to removing toolbars, adware and other irritating elements popping up in your browser. FYI, this tool also provides you the option to restore all changes you ever made to your PC. Consequently, if you happen to change your mind, you can simply hit the Cancel button and just follow the instructions available on the screen.

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Occasional Dialogue

Fair warning, when in use, you might see occasional prompts and dialogues during the scanning process and sometimes these are not necessarily straightforward. For example, it might ask you whether you have installed a server and then proceeds to display several foreign IP addresses. However, simply clicking No won’t do you any harm! And don’t worry though because the utility will become straightforward once the whole scanning process is done.

ZHPCleaner Latest Version
ZHPCleaner Latest Version


ZHPCleaner isn’t even packaged in a ZIP file. You just download it, no installation needed, run it and hit Scan! All in all, this program is incredibly convenient to use if you want to get rid of adware, once and for all, along with all of its registry entries. By cleaning your browser of it, your browser won’t run slowly but instead, everything will be smooth sailing!