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Have you ever experienced losing a folder of files? Perhaps, it was because you didn’t have folder lock in your computer. What is actually a folder lock? If you are not quite familiar with the term, well, you come to the right site to search such information.

Folder Lock
Folder Lock

Folder lock is defined as a file-security application which permits you to set a password in order to protect your files in a certain folder. In this way, you can use the folder lock to encrypt your prominent files by backing up them, protect your portable drives, as well as to share files, drives, and clean history, too.

What to Know About Folder Lock

There are more than 40 million users using this file-security application which means that this application proves to be able to safe the folders. To what extent do they use this application? You may simply refer to the following review to find the answer.

Lock the Folders Safely

The first reason why most people around the world use this application is that the app has the ability to lock the folders safely. The process shows that this app is locking and hiding the folders only in a few seconds. This feature enables you to set a Password Protect and prevent the unwanted eyes to see your files, drives, and folders. Once you lock your folder using this app, none will find it unless you access the folder through the software interface.

Encrypt Your Files

This software is also best described to have an ability to encrypt your files by creating lockers. These lockers will be highly protected by AES 256-bit encryption. How will you enable this feature? Well, a simple step is that you just need to copy your files to the Locker. Afterward, they are just encrypted.

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Secure Backup

The next question is what other thing makes the people around the world use this app to protect their folders. Folder lock is featuring secure backup in which you can be able to carry out two-way encryption and backup technique. This feature empowers you to create a password for protecting backup in your lockers. Therefore, your files will be safe not only from any unwanted viewing actions but also form damage or the chance of data loss.

Folder Lock Latest Version
Folder Lock Latest Version

Protect USB

Another beneficial ability of folder lock application is USB protection. In this case, you can safe your lockers in your portable devices such as USB and other external drives safely in the executable files. This means that you don’t have to install the app every time you want to open your protected files.

Password Wallets

Featuring password wallets, it allows you to create the digital wallet to safe the most valuable information of your own including bank account, credit cards, transaction, ATM pin, and many others.


Finally, we can come to the conclusion that installing folder lock app on the computer is very important to safe files, drives, and folders. Perhaps, it was the reason why most people around the world pick up this app for their computer.