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What if some of your files are unintentionally deleted by your kids? What will you do to overcome in viewing your files back? Folder Protect can do help! When you experience this situation, be sure to use this app by setting up a password for folders protection by applying 16 different types of custom password protection. The security options you can choose are the view, access, modify and delete option.

Folder Protect
Folder Protect

Folder protect is very good to install on your computer especially when you are not the only user of the computer. Commonly, somebody else can also access your computer at work. It also frequently occurs when you are doing your job at home and your kids come to disturb. Hence, you must protect your folders to avoid losing data or damage.

What to Know About Folder Protect

To find out more about how much useful folder protect app will be, check out the following review.

Automatic Protection

The first feature you can optimize to get the app’s benefit is automatic protection. Designed to provide full protection for the folders, Folder Protect can be activated due to a certain time period. It means that this app is active even you are leaving your PC for a certain period of time. In this case, you can set the time period by yourself. Thus, the app will stay active automatically based on the time you have set.

Safe Mode Protection

It is very much useful and helpful to have this app since it is also featuring safe mode protection. Sometimes, there are always prying eyes willing to view your folders including your private files. Thus, you have to protect your folders and make sure that your private files such as your office document are safe. One of the ways is using the safe mode protection provided in this app. You can activate this feature by simply turning it on and the app will prevent any prying eye form viewing your prominent files.

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Great Accessibility

The next feature of folder protect application which is also very useful is the great accessibility. In this case, you will be able to protect your folders in two different ways. The first way is using “Deny Access” which will make the file inaccessible unless “Deny Access” is deactivated. The second way is using the feature of “Prompt Password”. You can definitely activate this feature to access your files. Others cannot until the feature is deactivated, too. How these two ways work is quite similar.

Folder Protect Latest Version
Folder Protect Latest Version

Photos and Videos Protection

Another folder protect benefit you can get as soon as after installing the app is the feature of photos and videos protection. Since most people like to save photos and videos on the computer, it must be convinced that the photos and videos are protected from any damage or loss. The losing photos or videos frequently happen when your kid open photos folders, as well as videos folders and they, unintentionally delete the files. This situation won’t happen if you add this app to your computer.


All in all, folder protect is very necessary to add to your computer for the importance of data protection which you store in your folders.