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If you think that dealing with PDF creation or editing is complicated, then you probably have never heard about Icecream PDF Split & Merge. Don’t be fooled by the name. It may sound catchy and cute, but believe me, the software is pretty handy and useful when used to manage or edit the PDF files. If you always believe that PDF files are difficult to change or tweak, then you should consider using this tool. If you especially have to work with PDF files on a daily basis, this tool can provide a lot of help.

Icecream PDF Split & Merge
Icecream PDF Split & Merge

What to Know About Icecream PDF Split & Merge

As the name suggests, the tool can be used to merge the PDF pages, split them, or remove certain pages that you don’t want or need. All these years we believe that PDF files are solid document files that can’t be changed or altered. However, if you have the right software, like this Icecream PDF Split & Merge, it is always easy to make changes to the PDF files.

This software is free – for the basic service. A lot of users claim that the features in the free service are already enough to help them with the PDF control and management. However, if you are looking for more services, especially for professional use, then you can always upgrade the software to the paid one. Moreover, the free service has limited features when compared to the paid service. But if you are already happy with the very basic limited features and you want to stick to the free service, be my guest.

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Icecream PDF Split & Merge Latest Version
Icecream PDF Split & Merge Latest Version

The Benefits and Possible Downsides

When you consult this software, you can split the file to 40 pages, max, if you are using the free service. The split pages can be turned to single ones or groups. You can also manage the pages to come in ranges with specific ranges, like 5-8 or 18-21. While doing so, you can delete or remove any specific page numbers that you no longer need. If you want to save the result split files on a certain area or subfolder, you have the freedom to do so.

Unfortunately, this Icecream PDF Split & Merge can only deal with one file for the splitting mode. It may not be much, but it counts as something. However, the Split mode works just fine and quickly. When you choose the source file, click Split, and voila! Your pages will be split right away. You will also get the notification to open and view the folder to check the result.

The Merge feature is simpler. You only need to drag and then drop the source files, which are unfortunately limited to 3 files max only. You can manage them with the right order of your choice, pick the destination, and click a button to merge them.

Don’t underestimate the function of this tool because it can be super handy for those PDF users out there. The software is a good PDF manipulator. It is just too bad that the free service offers very limited features and usages. But you should admit that Icecream PDF Split & Merge is pretty helpful.

Download Icecream PDF Split & Merge Latest Version