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If you want to keep your software updated automatically, you should consider installing IObit Software Updater. More than twenty million users around the world say that this app or software is very good for optimization and security.

IObit Software Updater
IObit Software Updater

Licensed as freeware, this app proves very helpful in assisting the users in outdated all the computers programs just by a single click. The users are also able to install various applications easily and safely. In other words, IObit Software Updater has the main function to list all the computer’s programs and update them. Another way, the app will send you a notification what programs need updating. Thus, you will be able to keep your software as well as applications up-to-date.

IObit Software Updater Features

Herein, this article will show you what the 3 Best features of the app that works well to help you run the function. The review will include the functionalities of each feature so that you can spring your mind about how helpful to have this app.

Automatic Up-to-date

As we have said that the main function of the app is to keep the software or computer’s program up-to-date, the first feature of IObit Software Updater you have to optimize is the ability to keep all the software up-to-date automatically.

Due to the fact that some outdated programs may bring a bad effect to your computer, it is much recommended that you always keep up-to-date. Herein, you need a software or app that will help you to do so. In this case, IObit Software Updater works by scanning and listing the outdated programs on your computer and offering you the latest version to update. You just need to find the notification appears in the screen and get the updating automatically based on the schedule. Does it mean you can adjust the automatic update schedule? Do you feel curious about it? Just check it and feel wow!

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Easy Installation

The second feature as one of the considerable reason why you must have this app is the easy installation. Generally, there are many recommended trustworthy and popular programs offered when you just see your screen. You can definitely install them all using this software. All of the programs offered by IObit Software Updater have been well classified based on the functionality. This makes you able to choose which one you need most.

IObit Software Updater Latest Version
IObit Software Updater Latest Version

Easy Update

Designed to be an application which is easy to install, IObit Software Updater is also easy in doing the update. In this way, you will be displayed about the list of some computer programs that need updating. By then, you can select two or more programs to update easily. If you are sure about some essential programs to update or install, you can get them all without feeling worried about the software protection.


As the bottom line, you may infer in your mind that installing IObit Software Updater on your PC is as important as keeping your PC well. It is because you can keep your PC always up-to-date due to the automatic update feature added to this app.

Download IObit Software Updater Latest Version