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Don’t you know Java? You must have been familiar with it if you are also familiar with computer programming. Yeah, Java is the programming language which is portable, simple and secure. Most computers around the world use this programming language due to the excellent features of the program.


Java Main Features

Without taking too many times, here are the excellent features of it you must take a look.


Known to be very simple, Java programming language is easy to learn and use. Its syntax is simple, clean, and very easy so that you can understand it without restrictions. The simplicity of this programming language is based on the following reasons:

  1. The syntax is C++ based which enables the programmers to learn easily.
  2. The complicated features are removed so that the program won’t be complicated either.
  3. The availability of Automatic Garbage Collection. Thus, you don’t have to remove some unreferenced objects.


The second excellent feature of Java programming language is object-oriented. This means that everything you find in this program is an object. In other word, you organize the software along with the different types of objects that are related to both data and behavior.

It uses Object-oriented programming (OOPs) to simplify the development and maintenance of the software through some rules provided. Therefore, all the things you use in the program is pretty simple.

Independent Platform

The next feature which excellently supports how Java works is the independent platform. The platform is best described to be independent because it is different from other languages such as C, C++, and others. C and C++ programming language are compiled into the platform particular machines. Meanwhile, it is written once only and runs for any language. In this case, Java used the software-based platform, not the hardware-based.

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Another excellent feature of this excellent programming language is its security. It is very popular with its security feature. The virus-free system is developed along with the explicit pointer and the virtual machine sandbox. Classloader is also added to help the system to separate the package so that the local file system imported from the network sources will be free from virus. Besides, the Bytecode verifier can check the code fragments whether the illegal code causes an object access violation.

Java Latest Version
Java Latest Version


Java programming language is robust, well, this means that it is strong. It is because of the fact that the language uses strong memory management, fewer security problems, automatic garbage collection, and the exception handling. These are all mixed up to be strong points so that Java is well-known to be robust.


The last but not least excellent feature you have to know is the fact that Java is portable. This feature facilitates you bring the bytecode to any platform without implementation. It is very easy, isn’t it?


Conclusively, Java programming language is a must-language you must add to your PC. Its excellent features present easy and simple use. Thus, you don’t have to worry even if you are just a beginner.

Download Java Latest Version