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A personal computer or a desktop without KMPlayer is like working days without Sundays. You will feel stress if you don’t include KMPlayer in your desktop to enjoy music or movies when you have a break time in the office.

Since there are a lot of media player apps you can choose for your desktop, you are recommended to use this software. This software is widely used by most people around the world for its better media organization. Having been improved for the past few years, it offers more improving features dealing with playing music, movies, dramas, and other content.


KMPlayer Main Features

The followings are the features you can find on KMPlayer:

Topnotch Media Files Organization

The first beneficial feature included in KMPlayer is the topnotch media files organization. This feature enables you to organize the content sections either for audio or video collection folders. In this case, you can be able to manage your playlist editor as well as create new different playlist easily. You will be directed to the Video Library. Then, you can continue by opening the home screen and click Music or Video.

Internal Codecs

The second feature which is very important is internal codecs. The internal codecs is a built-in feature to enable you to use the apps quickly and conveniently without the need to go to settings. By using the app easily, you will be able to enjoy your entertaining parts of your PC or desktop.

High Quality

KMPlayer has actually a high-quality image presented in the video. The images look more vivid, clear and like a real. In this case, it uses 3D, 4K and UHD images which have a high-quality image.

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Video Capture Function

Video capture function is another feature of this software you must check out. It enables you exactly to capture your wanted screen based on the format you prefer. This is very beneficial to help you to choose the format that you most like.

KMPlayer Latest Version
KMPlayer Latest Version

Multiple Language Support

Featuring language support, it provides twenty-four languages for users around the world. You just need to check the language availability on your KMPlayer and find your language there. Select the language that you master to apply on your KMPlayer software to allow you to operate it quickly and easily.

System Requirements

The system requirements featured in this software include the recommended ones which are Windows 10 with 64-bit and 32-bit, Direct X 9 or higher than that, and the installation space of 150 MB. Meanwhile, the minimum system requirements include Windows Vista 32-bit, Direct X 9 or the later and the installation space of 150 MB.

Now you may check out whether your personal computer or desktop is compatible with KMPlayer or not. However, most PC offers such compatibility.


In conclusion, KMPlayer is one of the important software you need to install on your personal computer or desktop. It is not only aimed to complete your software collection but also to help you refresh your mind when you are bored or feeling stuck with the job which you are doing with your PC.

Download KMPlayer Latest Version