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PasswordFox is simply defined as a small password recovery tool which enables you to find out the username and password kept by Mozilla Firefox web browser. In other words, this tool will show you the password which is stored in your current Firefox profile.

Designed as a freeware application, this tool is categorized into the Password Manager which is listed in the Security and Privacy category. It is last updated on Sepetember24, 20116 and currently available in English, the major language used for computer programming.


What You Need To Know About PasswordFox

Well, to find out more about this tool or app, you need just 5 minutes to read the review about the features of the app so that you will get more understanding about it.

System Requirements

PasswordFox is running on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and definitely Windows 10, too. Besides having one of these Windows, you must also install Firefox in order to use this utility. In this case, you must make sure that you use the 64-bit version of this utility. For Firefox, you had better use PasswordFox 32-bit version.

Recognized Problem

The next feature of PasswordFox is the ability to recognize the problem which you may face. The problem can be some viruses which may attack your computer programming so that you can run this toll well.

How To Use The Tool

Why should I include the feature of “how to use the tool” in this review? Well, it is just aimed to help you use the tool correctly. You must feel very lucky since this utility needs no installation. However, you still need to install the web browser on your computer to enable this utility.

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To start using PasswordFox, you have to simply run the exe file “PasswordFox.exe. Afterward, the password list will be shown on the main Window for the last profile you have just used. As simple as that.

PasswordFox Latest Version
PasswordFox Latest Version


Released as a freeware, it enables you to freely share it through the floppy disc, CD-ROM and internet without the need to pay. In other words, you can get this app free. It is recommended that you include all the files in the distribution package if you really want to distribute this tool or utility. In this case, you don’t have to modify anything for the distribution package.


One thing you have to know that this utility does possess no warranty. If there is something wrong with this utility including the incidental or indirect damage because of losing the data, the author will not be responsible for this.


Finally, it is concluded that having PasswordFox is much useful to help you to find out the username and password stored by Mozilla Firefox, especially in your current Firefox profile. If you are working with web browsing using Firefox, well, you definitely need this utility.

Download PasswordFox Latest Version